Massive Audio’s NANO BiT’s- All of the Bass, Not much Space

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There is nothing like outboard aftermarket amplification.  Sure, dashboard head units can tout ‘massive’ power ratings but you just can’t get the kind of wattage horsepower needed to drive aftermarket speakers to their utmost potential.  Instead, you need outboard amplification.  However, with today’s technology, an amplifier need not have a big footprint.  BONUS: They run cool!  One of the best is Massive Audio’s NANO BiT.  These diminutive little powerhouses pack the punch of Jon Jones in a Thumbelina sized package.  That means they can be safely stashed in places you never thought of: under the seat, in the center console, in the spare tire tray, or that funny place where a CD changer should live in the trunk (but who buys CD changers nowadays?).

Check out the release for the rest of the story…


Massive Audio Now Shipping “Nano BiT” Full Range Digital Amplifiers!

Massive Audio, High Performance Car and Pro Audio Manufacturer, announces the release of its new “NANO BiT” Series amplifiers.

Massive Audio is shipping its ultra micro topology designed Nano “BiT”. The Industries Smallest, Highest Powered, Pure Digital Full Range 12 Volt Amplifier in car audio.


Here’s what Tony Blanco designer of the “Armageddon” subwoofer and ex product designer for Lanzar and Kove Audio had to say after testing the BiT mono amp. “I couldn’t believe the power that came out of the B2, all 806 Watts from this tiny little black brick. Even more impressive are the full range amplifiers that even after extensive playing time at 2 Ohm Stereo barely get warm to the touch.”


The BX2 is ultra small at only 1.6” H x 5” W x 6.3” L with a hefty 120w RMS x 2 @ 4 Ohm it can turn out over 480w Max when needed! The BX4 doubles the work load with 120w RMS x 4 @ 4 Ohm and matches the size of the 1600w Mono B2 so they make a great stackable 5 channel system. The “BiT” B2 mono block can do over “One Thousand Six Hundred Max Watts” x 1 @ 1 Ohm @ 14.4v at only 1.6” H x 5” W x 8.3” L!


With easy OEM integration utilizing its Hi-Level input with auto sensing music turn on, these amplifiers provide clean stable power and help with difficult upgrade obstacles such as not having a remote wire from the head unit.


  • Nickel Plated Connectors
  • SMD Hi-Fi Audio Components
  • Dual Sided Mill Spec PCB’s
  • Noise Rejection Circuitry for ultra clean output
  • Hi-Level Input for OEM Integration
  • Auto Sensing Music Turn On with Remote Out
  • 24 dB Low Pass Crossovers with an adjustable range of 10Hz – 220Hz  (B2)
  • Hi-Pass 24dB Subsonic Filter with a range of 10Hz – 50Hz. (B2)
  • 0-12dB Bass Boost EQ from 30hz – 90Hz (B2)
  • LPF / FULL / HPF Crossover frequency selections (Multi)
  • Remote Gain Control (B2)


B2 – 800 Watts RMS ~ MSRP: $449.95

BX2 – 120w x 2 RMS ~ MSRP: $349.95

BX4 – 120w x 4 RMS ~ MSRP: $449.95

For more information on Massive Audio High Performance products visit the newly designed website at: or

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