RightPSI Kickstarter project may bring the TPMS for the rest of us

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RightPSI valve stem topper

RightPSI’s valve stem tire pressure indicator has the potential to serve as a complement to your car’s TPMS system — or to serve as your car’s only TPMS if you, like me, drive a car from the pre-TPMS era. (Photo courtesy RightPSI/Kickstarter)

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are wonderful things. They let us know when our tires are underinflated and, in some cases, when they’re overinflated — both potentially dangerous situations. A Kickstarter campaign by RightPSI may bring those of us with older, non-TPMS-containing vehicles the ability to quickly get a read on tire pressure as well, at minimal cost.

The RightPSI Kickstarter page said at the time of this writing that 718 backers had already contributed $31,929 to the effort to purchase plastic molding tooling necessary to mass-produce the proposed product: a color-coded indicator that screws onto your tire’s valve stem and displays black if the tire is in the preferred range, red if it’s low, and yellow if it’s overinflated. Here’s RightPSI’s description:

Our caps make it easy to KNOW YOU’RE LOW. They respond to air pressure in the tire changing color to notify you when you need to fill your tires. Works great with bikes, motorcycles, trailers, Semis, RVs or any other tire with a Schrader valve on it.  We are working on a Presta valve version as well.  Although we will not be able to offer that as a current option on Kickstarter, we may offer it as a stretch goal.

• Unscrew your tire’s valve stem cap and screw RightPSI cap onto stem.

• When installing tighten the hex nut at the bottom of the cap to secure the product and prevent theft.

• Cap will show ORANGE when your tire is low, BLACK when it is correctly filled and YELLOW if overfilled.

• You pump right through our cap so you can use it as a gauge while filling up.  If you have overfilled and yellow appears, bleed the cap to black and you are ready to roll.

• Works as a nice compliment to TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) as an indicator of which tire is low and as a convenient way to ensure proper pressure while filling.

• When the cap is indicating it is easily visible from up to 20 feet away, while at the same time not being visually intrusive.

It sounds like a really cool idea, and something I would like to install on my trusty pre-TPMS 2006 Ford Ranger if only because it would allow me to keep better track of my tire pressure at a glance rather than doing four deep squats at all four corners of the truck with a tire pessure gauge in-hand. Lucky for me, then, that RightPSI’s original goal of raising $20,000 was surpassed quickly. In hoping to preserve the momentum of positive response, RightPSI has issued a couple of add-on objectives, including a version of the product that will be usable on Presta tire valves often found in high-end bicycles, among other things.

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