JL Audio Signature Dealers getting Mobsteel signage

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JL Audio Signature Dealer Mobsteel Sign

This sign is one of those being custom-built by Mobsteel for JL Audio Signature Dealers. (Photo courtesy JL Audio/Nicoll Public Relations)

Mobsteel makes some cool rides, that’s for sure, but now the auto customizer is building signs for JL Audio in recognition of the aftermarket audio manufacturer’s Signature Dealers.

A press release from JL Audio said Signature Dealers are those who carry the widest variety of JL Audio products while offering premium standards of installation and customer service.

The signs by Mobsteel, of Brighton, MI, measure 24 inches by 24 inches and are fabricated of heavy steel, the release said. Each sign carries the JL Audio logo against a uniquely patina’d steel plate. The release said only 500 of the signs will be created, each numbered and engraved on a billet aluminum tag on the front plate to denote its authenticity. The signs will come with custom-made billet aluminum sign posts, according to the release.

JL Audio Vice President of Sales Carl Kennedy said, “Our goal was to give Signature Dealers a symbol of JL Audio’s recognition that consumers will see when entering the store. Mobsteel knocked the execution of this project out of the park.”

JL Audio products are sold exclusively at specialty retailers in 72 countries around the world, the release said. The custom Mobsteel signs should be a sign — see what I did there? — that a particular JL Audio dealer is the best of the best.

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