New Technology Coming To The Trusty Old Car Horn

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DRAPER, UT – For all the high-tech advances in automotive electronics over the years, the lowly ole car horn on your steering wheel is the one feature that is still as simple as it was 50 years ago.

Bend Sensor Technology

Horn switch application of the Bend Sensor technology.

Now a company called Flexpoint Sensor Systems says they are applying for a patent for an innovative horn pad which replaces the tried and true spring-loaded electrical contacts that control a traditional car horn today.

Their horn pad will replace springs, metals and heavy plastics with ultra-thin Bend Sensor technology. This new patent will expand the current patent for the horn sensor and pad design.

Several automotive brands have issued recalls due to faulty horn pad sensors which can affect air bag releases and other steering controls in addition to the horn.

With the horn pad fully validated through rigorous industry-standard testing, Flexpoint is currently marketing the product to major automakers as a complete turnkey solution.

Comparisons between Flexpoint’s horn pad and existing horn assemblies show that it can cut costs by up to 60% by eliminating costly mechanical bulk such as springs, brackets, heavy plastics, and metal. The Bend Sensor is also a more durable solution, with a lifecycle extending into millions of actuations without failure or change in performance.

“We have been working hard over the past few years to complete this horn pad design and we fully expect that it will help us rapidly expand our presence in the auto industry,” said Flexpoint CEO Clark Mower . “We see a number of factors aligning that we believe will allow us to expand our revenues rapidly. The auto industry is recovering strongly and the demand for cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions has never been greater. We feel our technology is a perfect fit for these demands and patenting our horn pad design will enable us to adopt a more aggressive marketing approach. As the horn pad design utilizing our sensors is incorporated into a large number of automobiles in the upcoming months and years, it is important to make sure that the our proprietary innovations are protected.”

SOURCE: Flexpoint Sensor Systems

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