VW Polo premieres at Geneva include new TDI, TSI powertrains

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VW Polo Geneva Lineup Press Photo

The VW Polo will be shown in several iterations at Geneva Auto Show, including a new BlueMotion version in both TDI diesel engine and, for the first time ever, TSI gasoline engine varieties. (Photo courtesy Volkswagen)

There will be a preponderance of VW Polo hatchbacks premiering at the Geneva Auto Show — and stuffed in the engine bay of some will be new TSI gasoline and TDI diesel engines.

The press release from Volkswagen said the TSI engine will be available for the first time in the VW Polo BlueMotion, which had previously been a diesel-only automobile. Volkswagen markets the Polo BlueMotion as “one of the most efficient five-passenger car in the world,” and as such, the gasoline mill has some high standards to live up to. To that end, the VW Polo TSI BlueMotion is rated at about 57.3 MPG on the European cycle. That’s pretty great, but not as good as the TDI version, which earns a 75.9 MPG score on the same cycle. Here is where we insert the obligatory language about how European testing typically results in higher fuel economy numbers than would be seen on the US EPA test, so take those numbers how you will.

The new TSI engine is a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder affair making 94 horsepower by way of direct gasoline injection, VW said. The diesel engine in the TDI version, meanwhile, is a 1.2-liter three-cylinder making 74 horsepower. When equipped with a 12-gallon fuel tank and a five-speed manual transmission, that engine can give the VW Polo a range of up to 870 miles between fill-ups.

Other versions of the VW Polo scheduled to be shown at Geneva are the Polo BlueGT, which promises to combine dynamic driving characteristics with efficiency; the CrossPolo, a Polo modified with some crossover SUV characteristics to give it a more rugged, off-road look; and the Polo R-Line packages, which like all R-Line packages give the Polo a sportier look inside and/or outside.

In addition, VW said the Polo will be showing a reconfigured infotainment lineup with three distinct systems: “Composition Touch,” “Composition Colour,” and “Composition Media.” Also offered will be a radio/CD/navigation system head unit known as “Discover Media.” Depending on the version, the infotainment units offer things such as Bluetooth connectivity, a proximity sensor that displays additional options when your hand approaches the unit, two-finger map zooming in navigation mode, MirrorLinksmartphone app connectivity, and digital radio reception capability.

That’s all cool, VW, but what we really want to know is when the Polo will come over to the States. A high-tech, diesel-engined tiny car that gets unparalleled fuel economy sounds like something we could really enjoy.

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