We’re BAAACKK! Alfa Romeo returning to the United States.

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Coming soon, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C delivers an exotic mid-engine design inspired by the brand's legendary racing history.

Coming soon, the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C delivers an exotic mid-engine design inspired by the brand’s legendary racing history.

We knew Alfa was coming back, but the official statement will be made at the New York Auto Show.

Ahhh, Alfa. The brand with the unbelievable racing heritage and the car that all three on Top Gear Episode 1 unanimously agree any car guy should own at least once in his life, if only for the roadside repair stories. However, reliability may trump je ne sais quos when dealing with the Fiat and Chrysler mothership.

Alfa Romeo will mark its North American return at the 2014 New York International Auto Show with the highly anticipated and high-performance Alfa Romeo 4C.

State-of-the-art carbon fiber monocoque, a turbocharged engine influenced by Formula 1, and advanced technological solutions combine to deliver supercar-level performance and driving exhilaration.

According to Alfa “For the Alfa Romeo brand, the all-new 4C represents the essential sportiness embedded in the brand’s DNA: Italian style, performance and technical excellence, for maximum driving pleasure in complete safety.”

We’re also psyched for the return of the Alfa Romeo Spyder / Mazda Miata mashup, Mrs. Robinson…

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  • alvey kemp

    driving alfas since 1974 never broke down first alfa was Sude bring back they will SELL YES i got out of a hire porse911 in UK flew home to Ireland got into my SUDE T I yery little diffrance but more driver fun & no heavey clutch pedal bring em back i now drive a ALFA 159 2.4 sportwagon got caugh doing 200k got off patrol car found it hard to catch me i was in winter drive shoud have car insport mode 38 mpg with roof box