iHud a budget-friendly alternative to spendy built-in head-up displays

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iHUD in use photo

The iHUD app can be a useful way to add the functionality of a head-up display to your car on the cheap. (Photo courtesy Bill GIllam/

About a year ago I was lucky enough to get familiar with a 2013 Camaro ZL1, and it sure was spectacular. The black on black, black suede seats with red stitching, great sounding exhaust, and a pretty sweet head-up display made for a killer combination.

I’m currently in the market for a used vehicle, but the chances of me finding a car that also has an awesome head-up display is highly unlikely. So I looked into aftermarket head-up displays, and came across a rather affordable one by the name of iHud.

To put it simply, iHud projects whatever your phone is displaying. You can use it for any app you would use on your phone: Face Time, Flappy Bird, YouTube, and any other app can now be seen while driving. iHud would be perfect to use with gauge apps, apps on your Droid or iPhone that can read and display the information given by your OBD-II port.

The device itself is not as sleek or concealed as the factory HUD in the ZL1, but on a black dash would blend in nicely. If you’re really anal about matching, painter’s tape and color-matched interior paint can put you at ease.

I was curious to see if this device would have a rather nice clear display, or a slow frame rate picture with an annoying lag. I was able to dig up this YouTube video, which is an amateur video displaying how the iHud worked in action. Overall, it looks like a pretty good bang for your buck.

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