PHOTOS: A little hanging out at the New York International Auto Show

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There is no real rhyme or reason to this post.  Just what stuck out in my head at my day at the New York International Auto Show.

The show opens to the public today, so if you are near NYC, try and get there before the weekend crowds come and inevitably ruin an awesome show by defacing the vehicle interiors. Note to manufacturers: If you want to test the robustness of your interior parts, let them spend a week at the New York International Auto Show during the public viewing days. Every shift knob not installed with LOCTITE 37421 271 Red Heavy Duty Threadlocker will be missing.

Vandals aside, the time to go is in the morning when the crowds are light and families are in abundance.  But there is a lot of awesomeness to see. Such as:

The Acura RLX looks great in white and is the perfect size.  A little smaller than RLX, a little larger than TSX...

The Acura RLX looks great in white and is the perfect size. A little smaller than RLX, a little larger than TSX…

Alfa 4C exterior

The Alfa is downright gorgeous in person. The carbon fiber door sills turned me on immensely. Like Sofia Vergara in leather pants.


Alfa 4C

The interior of the Alfa 4C is tight. Big guys need not apply. Even I had hoist my small legs crane style into the passenger compartment. But the sacrifice is worth it.

BMW i3 Dash

The dash of the i3 is made of renewable materials. Including a byproduct of olive oil manufacturing.

BMW i8

All electric, all fun. Can BMW give Tesla a run for its money with the i8? It looks that way.

Mercedes GLK AMG

The Mercedes GLK AMG is a stunner in white. I think I prefer it to the CLA.

Toyota Elio fighter

This Elio fighter from Toyota has the ability to lean through turns and is super narrow. Doubtful it will be able to pass crash tests like the Elio is supposed to. Not the best FMVSS test vehicle.

Lincoln MKC

Lovin’ the Lincoln MKC. As we have seen with the Buick Encore and new Chevy Trax, little SUVs are making a splash. Look for a little Honda HR-V later this year…

Chevy Colorado

The Colorado isn’t so small in person. But the interior is nice and some don’t need the Silverado. But how about a compact pickup from an American manufacturer for the rest of us?

Honda Fit dash

The new Fit dash is Go! The perfect sized urban commuter with apps to match.


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