Chrysler to Keep Owners Connected During Service Appointments

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The Mopar wiADVISOR device downloads a vehicle's info

Chrysler Group dealerships are now using a technology platform called wiADVISOR to obtain information about a vehicle’s ownership and service history as well as its current service needs in a move Chrysler hopes will improve customer satisfaction in visits to the dealership service lane. (Photo courtesy Chrysler.)

Chrysler is looking to speed customers’ check-in process during visits to dealership service lanes and boost customer satisfaction with a tablet app.

According to Chrysler, the wiADVISOR (short for wireless service advisor) will download information about a customer’s vehicle via a small wireless device service advisers will briefly plug into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port when it pulls into the service lane. That data will then be sent to the service adviser’s tablet computer, which will capture and present the adviser with all information specific to not only the vehicle, but the customer, as well. So the vehicle’s ownership info, service history, system updates, and current factory-required maintenance schedule are all presented quickly to the service adviser.

According to the Chrysler press release, “The wiADVISOR platform offers customers a similar experience to checking into a high-end hotel that already has guest information and preferences on file. No time is lost filling out forms or remembering license plate numbers.”

Pietro Gorlier, president and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler’s service, parts, and customer care brand, said, “With our new wiADVISOR technology, we are maximizing face-to-face time with our customers and minimizing the time they spend in the service lane. We are virtually providing the support of our whole engineering team behind every service adviser.”

The release said the wiADVISOR platform allows for a more accurate, consistent, and transparent service write-up at check-in by arming service advisers with information in a way that eliminates the need to search through various systems and databases. The wiADVISOR can even detect if the vehicle’s computers are running the most up-to-date version of software available.

Chrysler says it is the first automaker to provide factory-connected tablet technology of this type in the dealership service lane. The technology is now available at Chrysler Group’s U.S. dealership network, and there are plans for global implementation at all group dealerships.

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