More Than 85% Of A Newer Ford Vehicle Is Recyclable Thanks To 10-Year-Old Program

Sections: Chassis, Powertrain

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DEARBORN, MI – More 85 percent of each Ford vehicle today is recyclable, thanks to the Ford Core Recovery Program which celebrates 10 years in 2013.

About 120 million pounds of damaged vehicle parts have been processed through Ford’s recycling and remanufacturing program since its inception in 2003.

Ford Core Recovery Program

About 120 million pounds of damaged vehicle parts have been processed through the Ford Core Recovery Program since its inception in 2003. (Ford Motor Company)

In addition to keeping those parts out of landfills, reusing parts as often as possible helps control costs and quality while conserving valuable resources. It also gives new life to vehicle components otherwise destined for a junkyard or landfill.

In the last two years, bumpers and headlights were added to the list of parts recycled or remanufactured through the program. In the short time since, about 62,000 bumpers have been collected while about 26,000 headlights have been recycled.

The program oversees collection, remanufacturing and recycling of damaged parts – everything from small sensors and fuel injectors to large engine parts – from Ford vehicles that have been repaired through the company’s dealer network.

Several issues necessitated the program – from more complex and expensive parts in cars and trucks to a need to get more control over the sale of aftermarket components to a need to recycle more.

“Most parts that come back to us through the program still have a lot of life left,” says Kim Goering , manager of Ford’s remanufacturing and recycling programs. “That makes a strong business case to do whatever we can to extend the life of these components. Even more important, however, is that Ford strongly believes it’s just the right thing to do from an environmental perspective.”

Dealers pay a core charge on each new part bought from Ford to replace a damaged one. When the original damaged part is returned to Ford, the dealer gets the core charge amount back – just like when you buy parts like batteries, starters and alternators at your local auto parts store.

More information about the Ford Core Recovery Program read the full release here.

SOURCE: Ford Motor Company

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