Deal of the Day: 40% off Pioneer FH-X700BT at Amazon

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Pioneer FH-X700BT receiver Amazon image

The Pioneer FH-X700BT double-DIN head unit is on sale at 40% off list price at Amazon right now, in case you’ve been waiting for a screaming deal on a new car stereo. (Pioneer photo courtesy

A few weeks ago when I was testing the sexy two-seat Porsche Cayman S and its awesome Burmester audio system, I ran into the same problem a lot of child-having parents probably run into at the weekend: We had to run errands with our son in-tow, and we couldn’t take the Porsche. Fine.

But after spending a few weeks in several cars with the capability to stream my songs from Pandora or a USB stick before we headed to town, I found myself heading to the Porsche to pull out my USB stick. When my wife asked what I was doing, I started to tell her “getting my USB music stick,” until it hit me: Her car has no USB port. Oops.

So I closed the door and locked the Porsche, and I resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to make do with terrestrial radio for the afternoon. No biggie.

That being said, I did start quietly eyeballing double-DIN aftermarket stereos in the electronics department at every store we visited, if said department existed in the store. What shocked me was the retail price some of those units still command. It made me want to regress to my former mentality by just hunting down a good mechless receiver and calling it a day.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but let’s look at a deal that came across my feed today:

The folks at Pioneer are selling the Pioneer FH-X700BT double-DIN receiver at Amazon for 40% off list price, putting it at just over a Benjamin to get into a pretty decent infotainment interface. It has no touchscreen, but it does have Pioneer’s MIXTRAX app interface, iPod support, Pandora link-up, MP3/CD/AM/FM/Bluetooth capabilities, and the all-important USB plug-in that can, if you believe Amazon user reviews, play song files direct from my trusty USB music stick. Not a bad package for $118.94 and free shipping!

It’s almost enough to make me pull the trigger. Truth be known, if we weren’t paying down an emergency loan we took a few months ago to pay for a new heat pump when our old one unexpectedly croaked in the middle of the coldest part of winter, I probably would!

If you face no such financial burden and have been waiting for a deal on a decent double-DIN head unit, have a look here.

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