QTP Electric Cutout coming soon to a Saab near me

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QTP Electric Cutout photo by Frank Cruz

The QTP Electric Cutout awaits installation on my Saab 9-3. It will help my exhaust be loud when I want it to be loud, and quiet when I want it to be quiet. It’s a good solution when you don’t want to annoy your neighbors every time you drive by, but you still like to hear the roar of your car’s engine now and then. (Frank Cruz photo)

In an earlier post I briefly discussed the possible options I had for an exhaust system.

One of the most important details to consider is how loud or quiet your vehicle will become. For most applications, a more free-flowing exhaust makes gains over stock exhaust, however,  a more free-flowing exhaust is louder.

After having a loud car,  I can appreciate not being obnoxiously loud everywhere I go. At the same time, I love the roar of an exhaust as much as any other car enthusiast.

To solve this dilemma, I decided to purchase a QTP electric cutout with three inch piping.  I haven’t decided if the whole exhaust system will have a 3 inch diameter, I may narrow it down to 2.5 inches after the y-pipe to the ‘dual exhaust’.  I may go the cheapest route and modify the factory exhaust,  but I’m most likely going to replace the piping altogether. From research it seems that the placement of the cutout is a little back from the bend coming off the turbo, but I’ll have to make sure there isn’t anything in the way of those hot exhaust fumes.

I also plan to install a Vibrant bottle style resonator, as well as replace the stock mufflers with Hooker Aero Chamber mufflers.   I’m hoping this setup will produce the sound I’m looking for, and I look forward to seeing the performance gains after the car is tuned! Check out some other performance mods done to the Saab, like the EBC brake setup here, or the Genuine Saab Taliaferro intake here.

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