Rover Takeover: 2014 Range Rover Sport says, “Say What You See”

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Land Rover Range Rover Sport

2014 Range Rover Sport HSE. (Photo courtesy Land Rover)

This week finds me in a very comfortable SUV. Even though the Sport moniker is there, the Range Rover Sport V6 SC HSE has the off-road prowess I don’t want to prove — after all, each wheel is probably the price of a good Jeep CJ). But its on-road manners are impeccable.  Dare I say even more comfortable than the Range Rover I tested last year.

After I live with the vehicle for awhile, I’ll report back on fuel economy and other likes. But one thing I couldn’t wait to talk about is the intuitiveness of the audio command system. Dubbed “Say What You See’ intuitive voice control, the Jeeves behind the Range Rover’s instrument cluster helps you input nav system destinations like nobody’s business.  How?  By breaking down the address into small bites the system can understand and handle.

“What is the name of the street?”

Elm Drive, thank you.

“What is the number of the house?”


Right there on the smaller infotainment screen flanked between the speedometer and tachometer displays choices of the next command available. So rather than stare at the infotainment screen, the driver can just glance down and make sure they got the correct turn.

Breaking down navigation directions into simple bite-size chunks to use less bytes is a surefire way to get where you are going. Even if the Range Rover’s infotainment processor doesn’t have the power of some new NVIDIA Audis, the approach is very clean and refined.

As John Mayer might say: Say what you need to say.  I say, “I need Say What You See.” Nice job, Range Rover!


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