Pioneer AppRadioLIVE goes LIVE

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Pioneer AppRadio LIVE.  Clean layout on the outside.

Pioneer AppRadio LIVE. Clean layout on the outside.

When I first saw Microsoft Windows 8.1, I thought how cool.  All of the items that I use most can be stored like an “App” on the homepage and be actuated with a touchscreen. But my super-tech-savvy computer buddy and my own small business network administrator warned me to stay away, for now. First, no touch screen. Second, it could be buggy with Intuit Quickbooks software that runs my business.

But this is not the case with Pioneer, its wildly-popular AppRadio platform, and the new AppRadioLIVE software app. The AppRadio flexes a touchscreen from the get-go. The app aggregates content from music, events, traffic, weather, and news sources through an interactive user interface designed for the ride. You just need the latest iOS on your iPhone 5 to get the party started.

Pioneer Car Electronics Division Vice President of Marketing Ted Cardenas said, “The AppRadioLIVE app, developed with direct feedback from existing AppRadio customers, delivers some of the best content and services that drivers are already using today, but aggregated into a single, intuitive new user interface. Developing an app like this gives us the ability to service and reach loyal customers by simply refreshing their existing products. Best of all, users get a seamless experience between the built-in aggregated content for a safer, more fun user experience.”

With the app running on a compatible iPhone connected to an AppRadio or AppRadio Mode in-dash receiver, users have access to various third party services directly on the Pioneer touchscreen. By combining these services into a single app, AppRadioLIVE eliminates the need to open different apps individually to access content from INRIX, Stitcher, Yelp, and more, greatly simplifying the user’s experience. The dynamic home screen of AppRadioLIVE provides an interactive interface divided into quadrants consisting of maps, music, news information, and calendar events. By selecting one of the quadrants, the driver can bring the necessary information into focus with a full screen view.

Check out the video at this link.

Here are some more tricks from Pioneer:


AppRadioLIVE’s map feature provides access to a map with INRIX live traffic data including traffic flow and incidents information. AppRadioLIVE makes it easy to obtain an estimated time of arrival (ETA) to various destinations such as home, work, or a specified destination. Within the same interface, users can quickly find popular points of interest with reviews delivered from Yelp and receive information about concerts and other nearby events delivered by Eventseeker. The AppRadioLIVE map feature also allows destinations to be exported directly into any of the user’s favorite AppRadio-compatible navigation apps, such as iGo Primo, MotionX GPS Drive, Navfree, or Waze to obtain route and voice guidance.


AppRadioLIVE provides access to a variety of audio content from music to podcasts, and even Internet radio. Users have quick access and control over the music stored on their iPhone devices and also have access to streamed content through services like Stitcher, offering more than 25,000 on demand radio shows and podcasts, Rdio, one of the largest music streaming services in the world with over 25 million songs available, and Pioneer aggregated Internet Radio with access to several hundred pure play stations, sorted by genre.

News Information

With Feedly, AppRadioLIVE consumers can stay up-to-date on the latest news topics that matter most to them. The service enables customizable RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds to be read back using a high quality text-to-speech engine. Open Weather Map is also built-in giving users access to up-to-date five-day weather forecasts for locations including their home, work, and destination when a route is set.

Calendar Events

AppRadioLIVE keeps consumers organized and informed by accessing the user’s iPhone calendar and Facebook events and delivering this information through a single, simple interface. Eventseeker can also update the user’s calendar view with information about nearby activities such as concerts, sporting events and more. AppRadioLIVE gives users the ability to view all of their activities in chronological order or in a quick snapshot with a timeline view.

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