Crash your 2015 Ford Mustang, and it’ll call 911 for you

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2015 Ford Mustang overhead front quarter press photo

(Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company)

According to Ford, more than 7 million of its vehicles currently on the road will use their SYNC systems to dial 911 if you get in a crash. With its 2015 redesign, new Ford SYNC 911 Assist features on the Ford Mustang will enable it to relay vital information to 911 dispatchers after making that call.

A press release from Ford said Ford SYNC 911 Assist will be enhanced starting with the 2015 Mustang. For example, the system may be able to tell dispatchers that both front seat belts were buckled — therefore letting them know it is likely two people are in the crashed car, according to Ford.

Ford Connected Services Global Product Leader and Electrical Engineer David Hatton said, “911 Assist uses a mobile phone connected to SYNC to call 911 directly when needed. With enhanced data, the system will provide even more detail about a crash to aid in the dispatch of the appropriate resources.”

The release said Ford SYNC 911 Assist requires the customer’s consent before it will work — something you do during the initial phone pairing process. A driver involved in a crash has the option to cancel the call before it is placed, Ford said. If you have a crash where the airbags deploy and/or the fuel cutoff inertia switch is activated, Ford said a 911 call is placed through your SYNC-connected phone. At that time, the 911 operator receives a recorded message saying there has been a crash involving a Ford vehicle and giving them the option to receive the GPS coordinates of the car. The system also can relay information such as the maximum change in velocity experienced during the crash as well as where the impact took place — front, rear, or side — according to Ford.

Hatton said, “SYNC will only broadcast relevant information to save time, and it constructs a very efficient message for the operator. After the introductory message, the voice line opens automatically and occupants can speak directly with the operator via SYNC’s hands-free functionality.”

National Emergency Numbers Association Education and Operations Director Ty Wooten said, “We are pleased to continue working with Ford to prolong our vision of any device, anywhere, anytime to provide help needed in the event of an emergency. This new data provided by 911 Assist will be useful in deciding the proper level of the initial response, and will give call takers an indication as to the severity of the incident.”

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