Feds Want More Car Safety Tech

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Adaptive cruise control illustrated

Crash avoidance technologies such as adaptive cruise control are available on many vehicles today, but the NTSB thinks there should be common standards for them. (Image courtesy

Officials at the National Transportation Safety Board are calling for the government to mandate standards for new crash-avoidance technologies.

According to CNN, NTSB said technologies like lane departure warning and collision avoidance capability, often optional on luxury cars, should become mandatory for all private and commercial vehicles.

The board has no regulatory authority– that’s the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s job– but it seeks to influence policymakers by using its “Most Wanted” list. The list typically consists of areas NTSB would like to see the government focus on, such as distracted driving, one of this year’s top items.

This year, the board recommended that regulators mandate automated motor vehicle collision avoidance technologies, including lane departure warning, forward collision avoidance, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, and electronic stability control. In a press release, the NTSB said these technologies “have all been proven to aid drivers when they are faced with unexpected conditions, particularly when traveling at highway speeds or when operating larger commercial vehicles that require greater stopping distances.”

The NTSB also said that while these technologies may be available on vehicles already, some are not required to meet common operating standards. It encouraged NHTSA to draft such standards.

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