Nissan LEAF gets self-cleaning paint: Cleanest car ever?

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Nissan LEAF Ultra-Ever Dry test car

A Nissan LEAF electric car recently got a coat of Nissan’s Ultra-Ever Dry hydro- and oleophobic paint designed to repel water and oils. Nissan said it is testing the paint coating for possible aftermarket application. (Photo courtesy Nissan)

The Nissan LEAF is often called a “clean” car because its EV powertrain does not emit greenhouse gases in the same way a fossil fuel-powered vehicle does, but the addition of Nissan’s so-called Ultra-Ever Dry paint, marketed by the automaker as a self-cleaning paint, could make it a “clean” car in a very different way.

A press release from Nissan called the Nissan LEAF so-equipped the “world’s cleanest car.” As we reported weeks ago, Nissan’s Ultra-Ever Dry paint finish is hydrophobic and oleophobic — designed to repel both water and oils. What better way to demonstrate a super-clean paint finishing technology than to slap it on the cleanest vehicle, in terms of emissions, in the automaker’s lineup, the Nissan LEAF?

The release added that there are no immediate plans to begin offering the Ultra-Ever Dry paint technology to Nissan vehicles as standard equipment, though the automaker continues to work with supplier UltraTech International, Inc. in considering the technology as a possible future aftermarket option. Reportedly, it has responded well to common-use cases including rain, road spray, frost, sleet, and standing water.

Nissan North America Vice President of Product Planning Pierre Loing said, “The 100 percent electric LEAF provides the perfect canvas for this new, advanced paint technology. This is one LEAF that never has to stop at gas stations – not even for a car wash.”

The release reasoned that since Nissan LEAF owners never have to stop at a gas station to fuel up, they probably won’t qualify for those gas stations’ car wash tokens or discounts anymore, either — making the Ultra-Ever Dry paint a perfect add-on for the EV.

UltraTech International Chief Executive Officer Mark Shaw said, “No matter what the road throws at this LEAF, its Ultra-Ever Dry exterior coating will throw right back.”

While the fact that the Nissan LEAF allows its owner to swear off fossil fuels is admirable, the ability to conserve water by making car washes largely a thing of the past would be a nice fringe benefit for both the owner and our planet.

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