My Saab gets an EBC brake setup

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EBC Slotte Brake Rotors photo shoot 011

EBC slotted rotors and EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads add a dash of attitude and stopping power to Frank’s Saab. (Frank Cruz photo)

When modifying your car there is more than just the “go-fast parts.”  Stopping fast is just as important, if not more than, going fast.

I wanted a brake setup that I could rely on at the track but also use every day. I knew early on that I would go with EBC, which not only had more positive reviews than other brakes, the reviews were consistent across multiple platforms. From pick-up trucks to track cars, all reviews seemed more than satisfied.

I’ve since put about 700 miles on them, and I can already feel the power difference when stopping. Installing them wasn’t any harder than installing a stock setup. It was, however, my first time doing them on the Saab, which made things a bit more interesting. Luckily, the worst of my worries was gathering the proper tools. The install also gave me a chance to paint my rotors and match the front lugs, sort of a tip of the hat to the memory of the Cobalt SS I had.

I decided to go with the Yellow Stuff pads and Ultimax rotors.

The pads I chose were one of three options, along with Green Stuff pads and Red Stuff pads. I decided on the yellows because they were said to have the most stopping power, and for the price I was paying, that’s exactly what I wanted. The price is quite a bit more than the economy level pads and rotors, but still not even half the cost of a “big brake kit.”

After a track day I’ll be able to fully test the brake setup, but for now I can say I do truly feel more secure and safe on the road. I give it thumbs-up so far. Make sure to come back to see how the setup performs at the track!

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