Noteworthy: Nissan Around View Monitor definitely the bees knees

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Nissan Around View Monitor Press Image

Nissan Around View Monitor. (Photo courtesy Nissan)

If it didn’t just happen…

I was helping to replace a video camera on my father’s boat. He uses it for docking. Which is a necessity because docking his boat is like parallel parking a car except the white parking lines are constantly in motion and the vehicle gets shoved around by the wind. The camera lets him have a good idea of perspective and how hard to work the throttles. It broadcasts to a small monitor installed in the helm. Problem was five years of hanging out in the salt air had introduced some moisture into the nitrogen-filled lens, which made it look real foggy whenever you needed to use the darn thing.

We were taking a break heading to the marine goods store, and dad was a passenger in the Nissan Versa Note SV.

“You know that project we are working on?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Well, wouldn’t you really dig this for docking?”

Pressing the camera button got me toward the birds eye view up on the Around View Monitor.

“Holy shit, that is amazing. I want that for docking. Correction, I NEED that for docking.”

Around View Monitor works because Nissan can engineer the cameras to the best possible location and order the exact cameras and lenses to allow for the best compromise between a wide view and reasonable clarity. Then all you need is a chip to ‘stitch’ the four images together for the bird’s eye view. If Nissan could build a boat, my father could have saved thousands in fiberglass repair incidents through the years.   Because if you have half a brain you can’t mess up your sheet metal with Around View Monitor.

Is there something that could make the Nissan Versa Note Around View Monitor even better? Well, instead of the 5.8-inch monitor you could go for a 9-inch.

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