Mobile Solutions Offers New Master Tech Training In 2013

Sections: Aftermarket, Car Audio, Installations

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Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt

Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt leads the trainings and hands-on demonstrations.

Tempe, AZ – Good mobile audio installers are not born. They are trained and learn from hands-on experience. To gain the knowledge to perform high-end installations, installers attend specialty training schools such as Mobile Solutions in Tempe, Arizona.

“We are teaching effective ways for the Specialty Retailer to maintain longevity in today’s changing mobile electronics business” says Mobile Solutions President Bryan Schmitt. “Our proven combination of classroom style and hands-on training ensures high retention of the training material for later use in their shop environment.”

Schmitt leads the trainings and hands-on demonstrations in class, while mentoring attendees to ensure full comprehension of the training. Industry veteran Todd Ramsey, MECP Consultant and Honorary Master Technician, highlights the Master Tech Boot Camp by teaching the electrical calibration and advanced OEM integration portions of the training.

The Mobile Solutions Master Tech Boot Camp and Advanced Door Panel Fabrication Training courses have been re-energized for 2013 with fresh new features. More than just ‘classes’, a large portion of the training time is devoted to working in the state-of-the-art training facility putting proven techniques to use on individual projects to ensure the attendees have mastered them before they leave.

The first training kicks off January 22nd with the three-day Master Tech Boot Camp. A day’s break gives attendees time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Phoenix scenery before the four-day Advanced Door Panel Fabrication Training begins.

The new Boot Camp training covers working with materials like fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum, table saw and router techniques and safety tips, upholstering and construction techniques, and amplifier gain setting and complete system tuning instruction.

The innovative Advanced Door Panel Training expands upon the Boot Camp by covering the creation of templates from transferred drawings, advanced fiberglass, routing, and upholstering techniques, advanced finishing methods for materials like plastic and aluminum, and even 3-D routing, construction, and finishing techniques.

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