Cobra Introduces First Under-The-Hood Radar Detector With Bluetooth

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CHICAGO, IL — Radar detector maker Cobra Electronics is introducing several new products at CES including its 2013 CES Design and Engineering Innovation Award-winning iRadar S-Series.

The Cobra iRadar S-Series is the first under-the-hood radar detector to utilize Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

Cobra iRadar S-Series

The Cobra iRadar S-Series is the world’s first under-the-hood radar detector to utilize Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

Once installed, the Cobra iRadar S-Series detector is completely invisible to prying eyes. The detection unit is discreetly installed in the engine compartment of a vehicle via a simple installation procedure since it wirelessly communicates via Bluetooth to the free iRadar companion app inside the automobile.

Much like the Cobra iRadar 200, the free iRadar app allows S-Series users access to the iRadar Community to share valuable reports regarding live police, camera enforcement locations, dangerous intersections and other caution areas.

Other new products from Cobra in 2013 include the Cobra iRadar ATOM. It’s a user-friendly and technologically advanced radar/laser/camera detection system that employs highly miniaturized ultra high performance components, making it the smartest detection system with the smallest footprint in the industry.

The iRadar ATOM is 35 percent smaller and features double the detection performance of the iRadar 200. The unit shares alerts in real time when paired with the iRadar app, and allows users to connect to the iRadar community. The Cobra iRadar Community is approaching one million app downloads, with an average of more than one million user reports per month.

The new Cobra SPX Radar Line includes three models – the SPX 5300, SPX 5400 and SPX 5500, all which include high performance in a more compact unit size. The three models offer double the detection range with less false alerts, at a highly affordable price.

The SPX line features Auto Mute, LaserEye™ 360-degree laser detection, Intellimute/Intellimute Pro, UltraBright Data Display, five-level signal strength meter, and selectable city and highway modes. The SPX 5400 and SPX 5500 models come with Voice Alert for audio alerting, while the SPX 5500 features DigiView Data Display for bright and crisp display.

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