Every Chevrolet SS gets standard parking assist tech

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Chevrolet SS parking assist press photo

The Chevrolet SS Sedan is Chevrolet’s first and only vehicle to offer standard Automatic Parking Assist, according to the automaker. The technology uses sensors on the front and rear bumpers to detect the width and depth of parallel and reverse right-angle parking spaces to provide hands-free parking help. (Photo courtesy General Motors)

The Chevrolet SS is a beastly four-door performance sedan that also happens to be able to pretty much park itself, apparently.

A press release from General Motors said every Chevrolet SS gets standard parking assist technology, which the release said uses sensors to size up the width and depth of a parking space and provides steering help for hands-free parking.

Chevrolet SS Vehicle Dynamics Engineer Scott Hollopeter said, “Even some of the most experienced drivers in the world loathe parallel parking. Automatic Parking Assist is designed to help alleviate that anxiety in situations where more experience is required to park a vehicle.”

The release said the Chevrolet SS can back into a parallel parking space or a reverse right-angle space for you. In doing so, it can detect obstacles, gauge the size of the space, assess distance to the curb, and determine the perfect steering angles to put your shiny new Chevrolet SS dead-center in the space. That’s not to say the driver gets out of all parking responsibility, however: The release said the driver must follow instructions on a screen to apply the appropriate throttle and brake inputs while the steering assist system handles the wheel. Senior Analyst Michelle Krebs said, “Technologies that provide help in parking and even vehicles that can park themselves started, as most technologies do, on luxury cars but they have proliferated to more mainstream vehicles. They have broad appeal from newly licensed young drivers to older drivers and are also are attractive to people who live in increasingly congested urban areas.”

I found out a couple of weeks ago that my wife’s aunt and uncle have recently purchased a Chevrolet SS of their own. They said the dealer indicated it was one of three sold so far in the entire state of Tennessee, or something awesome like that. I think I need to sneak a test-drive under the auspices of learning more about this parking assist technology! I happen to know there’s a long, curvy ribbon of two-lane blacktop between their house and the nearest marked parking space, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say-no-more.

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