Volvo a Partner in Chinese-Swedish Traffic Safety Research Centre

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The air bags in a Volvo V40 are displayed in a cutaway image.

Volvo is a partner in a new China-Sweden traffic safety reserach endeavor based in Beijing– a synthesis of both the company’s focus on safety and its Chinese ownership. (Photo courtesy Volvo Cars.)

Chinese businessmen own Volvo now, and Volvo has always been a stalwart for car safety. Nobody should be surprised, then, to learn Volvo is a partner in a Chinese-Swedish Traffic Safety Research Centre in Beijing.

According to a press release from Volvo, the company was “actively involved in the establishment of the Research Centre.” Other partners involved include Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Tongji University in Shanghai, and the Chinese Ministry of Transport’s Research Institute of Highway. From the release:

“As China, the world’s largest car market, is rapidly transforming into a car society, traffic safety has emerged as an area of attention for both the Chinese government and the public. During the visit of then Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Sweden in April 2012, the Swedish and Chinese governments signed a Letter of Intent proposing a research cooperation. This was followed by a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2012.”

The Research Centre’s focus will be on a number of areas, including improving traffic safety in both Sweden and China and promoting the exchange of technology and knowledge between both countries, as well as government decision-making in matters of traffic safety and establishing a platform for research into traffic safety.

Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research and Development at Volvo Car Group, commented:

“Volvo Cars is very proud to be a partner in this project. We have a history of commitment to continuous traffic and vehicle safety improvement and we are a global market leader in this area. We invest considerable resources into constantly improving safety in our cars and have launched many industry innovations, the most recent example being the Pedestrian Airbag Technology in the all-new Volvo V40. I am therefore very pleased that we can once again showcase our global leadership in traffic safety through our involvement in this project.”

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