The Lengthy Li: Can the big BMW 750Li take on the S500?

Sections: Car Safety, Infotainment

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BMW 750Li.  It's big, bold, and may have that dynamic edge over the competitors.  But how does it do in the tech department?

BMW 750Li: It’s big, bold, and may have that dynamic edge over the competitors. But how does it do in the tech department? (Image courtesy BMW)

Feature for feature, probably it is an even contest between the BMW 750Li and the Mercedes-Benz S500. A dead heat. But for driving dynamics, the BMW may have the edge.

In technology, the S Class pulls ahead. However, there are a few tricks up the big Bimmer’s sleeve to make it not a tech bummer at all. After all, at this price point, you have to also talk about the 800-pound four-circle gorilla stalking the top stop to be the Ultimate Luxury Sedan.

So, I am being tortured this week to review a BMW 750Li with xDrive. And it’s equipped with the M Sport package, which includes 20-inch M Sport dubs.

On to some of the delicious tech: We have an amazing Rear Seat Entertainment package ($2,800) that had my daughter flipping out upon inspection of her car seat installation. The only drawback is even though my five-year-old can navigate through the menus of YouTube on an iPad with the authority of a Cupertino engineer, the iDrive flanked next to her in the rear center console confounds her.

The other problem is the challenge of reviewing the Bang & Olufsen sound system with motorized center-channel speaker and lens technology when the Frozen soundtrack is about the only thing I will hear when I am driving. At least Idina Menzel never sounded so realistic. For a tease (we’ll do a specific post on the Bang & Olufsen on its own), let’s just say this car images like she is propped right up there on the dashboard. I guess the heat never bothered her anyway.

The other piece of kit we are excited to check out is NightVision with Pedestrian Protection ($2,600). The supplier is AutoLiv, and their technology is cutting-edge when it comes to defending your vehicle’s front grill and facia against deer or human attacks. In other words, it best NOT to hit something because AutoLiv warns you in advance.

In the meantime, I wish someone would drive me to 7-11 right now. I have the craving for a Slurpee and wish I could watch some non-Disney flick in the back seat.

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