Omega scaring the s**t out of bystanders: hornblasters edition

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Omega compressor.  You know you are going to be doing some serious honking if you require one of these!

Omega compressor. You know you are going to be doing some serious honking if you require one of these! (Photo courtesy Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc.)

First time I heard a locomotive horn installed on a vehicle I nearly crapped myself.  Then giggled hysterically, like a 12-year old.

I am not talking big-rig horn. No, I am talking the full-on locomotive or cruise ship horn that needs a dedicated air compressor to run it. I never took it to the extreme of buying a set-up — probably because I am an old fart now — but if I had heard this in my 20s I would have been definitely figuring out where to install an air compressor and horn setup. Go figure now that I’m out of the target market, Omega is making it easier.

Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc. is now shipping the new AC200PSI Air Compressor/Air Tank Combo. According to the company literature, you can “Get the most brutal volume from your Omega AH-300, AH-300-BLK, & AH-D300+ train horns, or off brand horn, using this new 200 PSI unit.”

The new 200 PSI compressor/air tank combo apparently comes fully assembled and ready to install, with a two-gallon air tank, pre-wired 165 PSI ON/200 PSI OFF pressure switch, 12-volt permanent magnetic motor, 250 PSI safety valve, and 1/2-inch port compression fitting for 3/8-inch air line.

The AC200PSI is not just for powering train horns. You can also use the AC200PSI for any mobile air source needs such as: air ride suspensions, controlling an air locking differential in your trail truck, or miscellaneous light-duty mobile pneumatic tasks.

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  • Rigo

    Omega is not HornBlasters. Two separate companies. How can you use two different brand names

    • Brett Solomon

      Sorry- didn’t know Hornblasters became a company. I only knew them from scaring the shit out of innocent passer-byers on YouTube in the earlier days of the internet. Good for them for capitalizing on the name. Love and loud to both…