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Harman scoops up Bang and Olufsen for the car

Harman bought Bang and Olufsen. What’s it take to buy your own high-end OEM speaker manufacturer? About $157 million US dollars, in case you were wondering.

Kicker jumping on the Hot Rod Power Tour again

If I still had my ’68 Camaro, I would jump on the Hot Rod Power Tour with Kicker for the company’s fourth straight year as official car audio sponsor.

Hard to believe the Lotus Elise turned 20

It’s hard to believe the Lotus Elise turned 20 years old. Lotus is doing a Special Edition to commemorate the iconic sports car.

Spaceship: Ford Transit Connect LWB fuel economy notes

OK, after living with the Ford Transit Connect Titanium for over a week, the results are in on the fuel economy. The question: Can it best V6 minivans?

We lay eyes on the Elio at NY International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show marks the first time we’ve seen an Elio in person. We even sat in it! Our initial thoughts here:

NYIAS: Seeing the Cadillac CT6 and digging the CUE upgrade

Last night I had a chance to attend the unveiling of the Cadillac CT6. While others ogled the sheet metal, I was digging the upgrades to Cadillac CUE.

NYIAS: Here’s the scoop on Cadillac CT6’s Bose Audio system

The Cadillac CT6 debuting in New York is set to get Bose audio. The last time I remember this much hype for a Bose car audio system, it was for a Ferrari.

Well, it’s no Montero, but Mitsu reveals new Outlander

When Mitsubishi gave us a tease for a New York Auto Show vehicle, we were hoping for it to be a Montero. But we’ll settle for the more refined Outlander.

Escalade Escapades: On rear seat entertainment and MPGs

We take a look at the infotainment setup in the redesigned Cadillac Escalade, and we compare its MPGs to the Ford Expedition King Ranch we tested recently.

JVC KD-R85MBS ready for boating season

The JVC KD-R85MBS is ready for boating season with a range of connectivity options and a full array of accessories to get your tunes wailing on the water.

FlashLogic cracks Fiat-Chrysler code to keep you warm

FlashLogic remote start is now available for a wide range of vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles.

Range Rover Sport gets NY Auto Show overhaul

The Range Rover Sport will get a redesign for this year’s NY International Auto Show — and it’s getting a ton of cool engine and tech upgrades, too.

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