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Mitsubishi iMiEV: Don’t count the Diamond Star out of the electric race

OK, so it ain’t no Tesla. And yes, the doors are tinny when you slam them. But the Mitsubishi iMiEV also doesn’t have a Tesla price point!

Blast out of the ice with Hydroblast heated washer fluid

Heated washer fluid systems are not new, but they remain automotive esoterica. Hydroblast, however, has an aftermarket mod that should cost about $200.

No rules, just right: Infotainment in the ’15 Subaru Outback

I really like the supplier who makes the Subaru Outback’s seven-inch touchscreen with its edgeless design. I have used a similar unit in an Infiniti.

No rules, just right: MPGs of the 2015 Subaru Outback Limited 3.6

After a week of testing, the fuel economy numbers are in for our 2015 Subaru Outback. Can the high-wagon achieve fuel economy to make SUV buyers jealous?

When you gotta replace your bulbs, go to Hella

There are few aftermarket products that we can give a ringing endorsement for. I like the quality behind Hella lighting — especially the new HD 2.0 lights.


No rules, just right: Driving the 2015 Subaru Outback Limited

When you first jump into the all new 2015 Subaru Outback limited, you wonder why Americans have typically shunned tall wagons with AWD for SUVs.

Greener or meaner? ACEEE chimes in

ACEEE ranks vehicles each year based on their green credentials. See the vehicles ranked as “greenest” and those ranked “meanest” in this year’s standings:

Grimey from the garage? Dispense Fast Orange hand cleaner like a rockstar!

Fast Orange hand cleaner now comes in a bottle with a rocker cap that can be used one-handed, according to Fast Orange maker Permatex.

Harman scoops up Bang and Olufsen for the car

Harman bought Bang and Olufsen. What’s it take to buy your own high-end OEM speaker manufacturer? About $157 million US dollars, in case you were wondering.

Kicker jumping on the Hot Rod Power Tour again

If I still had my ’68 Camaro, I would jump on the Hot Rod Power Tour with Kicker for the company’s fourth straight year as official car audio sponsor.

Hard to believe the Lotus Elise turned 20

It’s hard to believe the Lotus Elise turned 20 years old. Lotus is doing a Special Edition to commemorate the iconic sports car.

Spaceship: Ford Transit Connect LWB fuel economy notes

OK, after living with the Ford Transit Connect Titanium for over a week, the results are in on the fuel economy. The question: Can it best V6 minivans?

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