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New Toyota semiconductor tech could improve efficiency

Toyota said it will begin testing new silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor technology that could improve the efficiency of hybrid and other electric vehicles.

TDOT holds snappy sign slogan contest

Those crazy cats at Tennessee Department of Transportation are at it again, this time letting citizens vote on their favorite snappy sign slogan in a contest.

See 2016 Nissan Titan XD Cummins twin turbos in action

We told you about the redesigned Nissan Titan and its Cummins V8 twin-turbo engine. Now see how those twin turbos work courtesy of this video from Nissan.


Chevrolet Spark EV comes to MD

No longer just for the Left Coast, GM will sell the Chevrolet Spark EV in Maryland, where demand is partly drive by its powertrain that is built there.


GM OnStar RemoteLink gets all-new UX

In developer-speak, UX means “User eXperience,” and General Motors said its OnStar RemoteLink is getting all-new UX for its 1.3 million regular users.

Ford opens Silicon Valley research center

Ford’s new Silicon Valley digs will research and develop tech for autonomous vehicles, connectivity, mobility, big data, and customer experience, Ford said.

Littlest Lexus: I like Lexus CT200h just as well the second time

Last time we got to test a Lexus CT200h, I fell in love with the smallest Lexus in the lineup. So did it charm me that much at second glance? Well, mostly.

Van envy: We test the Nissan NV200 cargo van

A surefire sign I’m an automotive oddball: I was more excited to test the Nissan NV200 cargo van than I have been about a test car in a long time.

American Ride: Dodge Charger SE head unit humble, useful

The 2015 Dodge Charger SE I tested a few weeks ago had a humble head unit with a five-inch Uconnect touchscreen that proved itself useful, if not boisterous.

HFE model brings Ram EcoDiesel MPG to 29

Ram Trucks made like Chef Emeril Lagasse recently by “kickin’ it up a notch” with a new Ram EcoDiesel HFE model said to get 29 MPG highway.

Pandora for iOS, TripAdvisor, Twitter come to NissanConnect

Drivers of Nissans with NissanConnect Mobile Apps are getting three new app integrations: Pandora for iOS, TripAdvisor, and Twitter.

Honda details FCV, turbo VTEC plans at NAIAS

Honda will build a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) of its own, and VTEC engines are gonna get boosted, yo. So said Honda at North American International Auto Show.

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