Make it Fit! Metra has a kit for the new Honda Fit

Metra’s new dash kits for the latest Honda Fit mean you can upgrade without ruining the aesthetics of your interior.

Escalade Escapades: Of motorized steps on 2015 Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade was my second experience with motorized running boards, and it made me a believer in the simple, yet effective technology addition.

Day Dream Diaries: I want to build a propane track car

I recently was introduced to propane-powered vehicles for the first time. Check out what I’ve learned so far, and see what I hope to do with it.

Could self-driving cars be the death of billboards?

No more billboards? Probably not. But if everyone is staring at their iPads in self-driving cars, the effect on internet revenue would be staggering.

Audiovox partners with Toon Goggles to shut your kids up

Audiovox partners with Toon Goggles in a bid to bring on-demand, family-friendly rear-seat entertainment to your kids — if they’ll actually watch it.

Now shipping: Kicker L7 loaded enclosures, CompQ Subs

Kicker announced it is now shipping its L7 loaded enclosures and CompQ subwoofers as the second wave of its Q-class gear unveiled at International CES.

These radar detector apps should help during your summer travels

If you’re traveling this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to look into radar detector or GPS smartphone apps. Considering all the warm-weather construction and the abundance of law enforcement officers who will be giving out tickets, this info could prove quite useful.

Blast out of the ice with Hydroblast heated washer fluid

Heated washer fluid systems are not new, but they remain automotive esoterica. Hydroblast, however, has an aftermarket mod that should cost about $200.

When you gotta replace your bulbs, go to Hella

There are few aftermarket products that we can give a ringing endorsement for. I like the quality behind Hella lighting — especially the new HD 2.0 lights.

Apple Watch controls functions of BMW i models

BMW said its BMW i Remote app is available for the Apple Watch and can be used to remotely check and control functions in BMW i models.

Yard tech: RC lawn mower is ridiculously cool [VIDEO]

Last week, I was frustrated by my push mower’s handle falling off. If I had this RC lawn mower, that wouldn’t even be a concern.

Harman scoops up Bang and Olufsen for the car

Harman bought Bang and Olufsen. What’s it take to buy your own high-end OEM speaker manufacturer? About $157 million US dollars, in case you were wondering.