JVC KD-R85MBS ready for boating season

The JVC KD-R85MBS is ready for boating season with a range of connectivity options and a full array of accessories to get your tunes wailing on the water.

FlashLogic cracks Fiat-Chrysler code to keep you warm

FlashLogic remote start is now available for a wide range of vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles.

The Tesla P85D is VERY impressive

Whether the Tesla P85D is in Sport mode or Insane Mode is irrelevant, this thing hauls no matter what!

Check out this twin turbo’ed Chevy Apache

What happens when you put twin turbochargers in an old school Chevy Apache? Pure awesomeness. You won’t want to miss checking out this kick-ass truck.

JL Audio releases new compact motorcycle audio amps

Good news for your bike as the weather warms up: JL Audio just released its new HX range of ultra-compact amplifiers to give your bike’s audio a boost.

Dual Electronics offers Bluetooth smart EQ processors

A new Smart EQ from Dual Electronics gives a lot more flexibility — we’re talking Bluetooth compatibility, folks — for larger audio systems.


Chevrolet Colorado gets “box delete” option

Already, the new Chevrolet Colorado is getting a “box delete” option that removes its bed. Pardon me, but I CAN HAZ AUSSIE CARGO TRAY NOW?

AAMP aftermarket technologies to help you drive safe

At CES, AAMP of America launched a new marketing and public information campaign called Drive Safe, Drive Connected.

Boost + Subaru BRZ = better than a supercar?

How does a turbocharged GT86 — the Subaru BRZ’s Toyota twin — stack up against the likes of a McLaren and Ferrari? Better than you’d probably expect.

This Saab 9-6SS custom race car is quite the head-turner

Combining old school and new school for one sweet Swedish racecar, you’ll definitely want to check out this one-of-a-kind Saab 9-6SS!

Scosche helping out new GM full-size SUV owners

New install kits introduced by Scosche at CES will make aftermarket stereo installation a breeze for owners of new full-size GMC and Chevrolet SUVs.


How much horsepower does a car need to be superior?

The problem with judging a car superior is not only are your criteria debatable, but also the idea that they are what makes a car superior is questionable.