My Saab gets an EBC brake setup

There is more to modifying than just the “go-fast parts.” Stopping fast is just as important, if not more than, going fast. For that, I chose EBC brakes.

Rockford Fosgate and Mitsubishi ROCK Pikes Peak

During the 92nd Annual Broadmoor Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb, Mitsubishi tag teamed its forces with Rockford Fosgate to entertain the crowd when the racing was not happening.  Could the Rockford Mini Sound Lab provide the power for the I-MiEV to win the race?! Mitsubishi Motors entered two electric vehicles in the race, and Rockford more »

Clarion probably putting that NX604 in the 2002

We already told you about the new Clarion flagship NX model. And we are pretty confident one of those NX604 models will find its way into an old BMW 2002.

Now Alpine joining the OAA Army

We kind of figured this one would be a no-brainer, as Alpine is also a Tier One automotive supplier. Why not join the OAA Army?


Of hyperbole and hot-rod Hellcats

If you follow any of the buff books’ online counterparts, you likely already know about the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. A Chrysler press release called it, in bold print no less, The Most Powerful Muscle Car Ever.

Really? The most powerful muscle car ever? The value of marketing hyperbole is not lost on us, but we have to say it: The folks marketing the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat are ignoring a whole lot of muscle cars whose developers have poured a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears — not to mention cash — into good old-fashioned hot rod horsepower tech to make muscle cars whose horsepower runs into four digits.

Harman joins the OAA Army

As the Android and Google developer conference came to a close, the number of soldiers in the OAA Army increased. The latest recruit: Harman.

Audiovox launches universal tablet docking system

Audiovox says its new universal tablet docking system will make taking your tablet on the road hassle-free and improve your car’s rear-seat entertainment.

Clarion hooking up with Google’s OAA

Now that Apple has come through with CarPlay and we have seen the first salvo of aftermarket manufacturers hooking up with the Cupertino folks, the aftermarket is also making its foray into Android territory.  Clarion announced today that the company has become a member of the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). The OAA is a global more »

Pioneer AppRadioLIVE goes LIVE

Pioneer AppRadioLIVE app brings car-focused smartphone app connectivity to aftermarket head units.

TrainTechTell: Ford Transit requires innovative train cars

Consider the logistical challenge of shipping new Ford Transit cargo vans across the country by rail: Transits come in three roof heights. Rail cars usually stack vehicles in two tiers. You see what we’re saying now?

10K is the new 8K: RPMs are going up, and VDO has you covered

The new VDO PRT tachometer goes up to 10,000 RPM — all the better for your high-revving, highly tuned engine.

Get a Grip: Putting Arkon Mobile Grip 2 Deluxe to the test

Heading on a road trip into Kentucky in a car with no navigation is the perfect reason to test the Arkon Mobile Grip 2 Deluxe, right?