Car Tech Demo Days: Good time to buy 12V products at specialty retailers

Everyone wants the latest technology, but not all of us can drop big coin on a new car. During Car Tech Demo Days, it’s the aftermarket to the rescue!

My low-tech tailgate lock gets Piston Slap’d

Tailgate thievery is a real thing. How do you combat it using just a couple of dollars, five minutes of your time, and a low-tech tailgate lock? Here’s how:

Intraphex delivers full infotainment and nav when Chevy may not

Intraphex introduced multiple OEM integration kits that enhance and upgrade the capabilities of the infotainment screens for popular GM makes and models.

Got a start-stop problem? Don’t want one? Change the belt.

Start-stop technology works great for saving gas at long traffic lights. But now that we have the first generation of start-stop vehicles on the road, many of us are finding the belts that take the most abuse are the belts that spin the engine back up.

New Escort radar detectors connect to phone app via Bluetooth

Escort has two new radar detectors that sync with the Escort Live smartphone app via Bluetooth, giving the radar detectors real-time info on speed traps.


Omega scaring the s**t out of bystanders: hornblasters edition

First time I heard a locomotive horn installed on a vehicle, I nearly crapped myself, then giggled hysterically. With Omega, I could relive those memories.

Cobra and Escort are sisters by marriage

Cobra Electronics Corporation and Escort Incorporated are pretty much sisters by marriage now, with both owned by Monomoy Capital Management II L.P.

First Ford App Developer Conference to be held September 8

Ford Motor Company announced it will hold “the auto industry’s first app developer conference” as part of the Connected Car Expo at Super Mobility Week.

Frankie’s Saab joins the Plasti Dip craze

From personal use, I can testify that it is much easier to “dip” something than to paint, but you can still mess up.

It pays to get MERA & MECP people to install mobile electronics

There can be a lot of potential pitfalls of installing complex electronics into modern vehicles. That’s why a MERA certified installer is a wise choice.

Stuntin’ and Flossin’ with your new Grille- RBP Style

No better way of getting attention than blinging up your grille.  And if it is your goal to have the most badass big Silverado in the neighborhood, Rolling Big Power (RBP) has your back.  The manufacturer and supplier of high performance aftermarket exhausts, wheels, grilles, and accessories for customizing gas and diesel powered trucks, has introduced three new custom more »

Don’t mess with Escort’s specially-designed Texas radar detector

Escort today announced a Texas Limited Edition model of its Passport Max windshield-mount radar/laser detector.