Nothing smelly about BMW 6 Series Bang & Olufsen Editions except price

Who wants to leavie a new car at a high-end car audio retailer for weeks to get awesome sound? Enter the BMW 650i Gran Coupe Bang & Olufsen Edition.

Be a Hero in your Bimmer: GoPro teams with BMW

The BMW Group Technology Office and GoPro have announced the first-ever, mass-produced integration of a GoPro camera with an automobile’s on board infotainment system.

Kenwood taking it off the streets with powersports amplifier

For off-road use only. Well, maybe not. But here is the deal: You have a UTV, or golf cart, or snowmobile. Or, you have a bass (fish) boat you want to make into a bass (music) boat. Kenwood has you covered with the introduction of the KAC-M1804 four-channel digital amplifier designed to pump out the tunes in the great outdoors. Justin Moore couldn’t have said it better in “Letting the Night Roll.”

Kenwood’s tough, compact multi-application four-channel digital amplifier KAC-M1804 is perfect for these applications because its digital design means it does not put undue strain on what is probably a small Yuasa buried deep in the chassis somewhere.

Car Tech Demo Days 2014 underway now

You may have seen your local news station talking about aftermarket car technology or Car Tech Demo Days. The local affiliates get involved with the national program.

“Clarion Builds” brings old-school restos new-school technology

Clarion Builds is designed to serve as a base for Clarion and its partners to tackle unique restoration projects of iconic cars and trucks, as well as other vehicles such as motorcycles and boats in the near future. Through a mix of social and traditional media, Clarion Builds will bring to the fans and followers of the program details associated with each project in their different phases of completion.

Jensen 2014 car audio lineup hits retailers

Jensen announced this week its roll out of four more car audio and infotainment receiver series to follow on what the company called the successful launch of the VX6020 during the 2013 holiday season.

A press release from Jensen said the introduction of the 3000, 4000, 5000, and 7000 models will complete the company’s scheduled roll out of in-car infotainment receivers for 2014.

Could live performances save my interest in satellite radio?

When thinking of possible aftermarket head units for my Saab, I came across two features that I was on the fence about:

The first was whether I wanted the ability to maintain the usage of FM radio. I rarely listen to local radio stations because I feel the stations tend to overplay certain songs.

The second feature I was unsure whether I wanted was the ability to use satellite radio.

Summertime and JVC livin’ is easy…check out this promo!

Years back, I remember when JVC transitioned from JVC Car Audio to JVC Mobile Entertainment. It’s too bad the cellular industry stole our mobile entertainment moniker, but to us old-school guys, mobile is Jack Kerouac: On the Road!

And you should be getting on the road this summer with some good tunes. JVC Mobile Entertainment announced a $50 Consumer Rebate Program on qualifying In-Dash AV Multimedia models, including its HDMI/MHL-featured KW-V30BT and KW-V50BT Receivers.

Nebula Systems Mech5 brings cloud-based vehicle diagnostics

Nebula Systems is looking for backers for its new vehicle diagnostic system, MECH5, which allows both professional and shadetree users to analyze a vehicle’s electronic systems in-depth with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Skylock is a solar-powered, cloud-connected bike lock

Well, I’ve officially seen it all now: A product called Skylock was brought to my attention this week. What is it? Why, nothing less than a solar-powered, cloud-connected bike lock.

Rockford Fosgate set to take over Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Fans of “Full Throttle Saloon” know Michael has to make all of his annual income in two weeks. In Sturgis. During a Motorcycle Rally. Fueled by gasoline and alcohol. Luckily, Rockford Fosgate has the entire year to convince you to purchase one of their motorcycle sound systems if you have a Harley. But they want to kick it into overdrive during Sturgis.

We get hands-on with Pioneer and Apple CarPlay

The consumer electronics press was treated to a day of hands-on demonstrations in San Francisco last week, featuring one of the first aftermarket in-dash car multimedia systems to provide Apple CarPlay, allowing consumers the ability to upgrade the vehicle they already own to use iPhone more seamlessly and safely in the car.

We were there. Here are our thoughts.