“Windowless plane” takes invisible hood tech to the skies

A British developer is taking Land Rover’s invisible hood idea to the skies in an OLED setup that can make it seem you’re flying by the seat of your pants.

Toyota Sleeper Camry is my kind of Camry

I’m not a huge fan of the Toyota Camry. It’s more vanilla than vanilla. But I do love a good sleeper, and the 850-horsepower Sleeper Camry is just that.

Scosche launches 29 “Custom Kit, Factory Fit” install kits

Scosche Industries announced 29 new aftermarket stereo installation kits that purport to offer “Custom Kit” with a “Factory Fit,” as the company put it.

A comparison between JVC and Boss head units

The Boss BV9364B head unit makes a strong case in terms of power-per-dollar, but the JVC KW-V50BT has slick features to go with its much higher price.

Air shifters may offer advantages for some

Though I like manual transmissions, I’ve come to understand automatics have advantages in some applications. That’s also true of air shifters.

First Kenwood, Now JVC: The race to the holidays continues

JVC announced it is shipping four in-dash receivers just in time for the holiday shopping season from its anticipated 20 new-for-2015 products.


Karma Go touted as affordable in-car 4G hotspot alternative

Karma is positioning its 4G LTE wifi hotspot called the Karma Go as an affordable, portable alternative to equipping your new car with OEM 4G capability.

Performance and sound in Josh’s Chrysler 300 worthy of praise

So you’re interested in checking out the other half of Josh’s sweet Chrysler 300 we showed you a few days ago? Buckle up for a performance-and-sound review!

QTP Electric Cutout Review

I finally got the chance to install the QTP electric cutout on by Saab 9-3, and I must admit, I love it!

Kenwood getting a jump on high-end receivers for the holidays

In car audio head units, new stuff normally is put on display at CES in January, to ship in the Spring. Now, Kenwood is going early. Really early.

Burned out bulbs in your car? Get Philips Vision LEDs

Philips Automotive North America has introduced its newest line, Philips Vision LEDs, as direct replacements for interior and exterior vehicle lighting.

We take a look at a one-of-a-kind Chrysler 300

I recently got an inside look at a one-of-a-kind Chrysler 300. Let’s just say my friend Josh Carter sweats all the details when it comes to customizing.