FlexSMART X2 brings Bluetooth to my factory head unit

Accessory Power’s FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth module and FM transmitter will be sold at a discounted Black Friday price on Amazon. Here’s what we think of it:

Chemical Guys car care products review

Two car detailers say Chemical Guys detailing products are the best they’ve seen — and having used them on my own ride, I’m inclined to agree with them.


We take a look at radar detectors

We pay $6,232,000,000 in speeding tickets per year. That’s a lot of money. So what are your best options when seeking a strong radar detector?

SEMA recognizes Kicker PSM3 powersports speaker system

Kicker PSM3 powersports speakers were recognized in SEMA’s Best New Powersports Product category and go on sale this month at Kicker retailers nationwide.

Unplugged Performance reimagined Tesla Model S = sex

I know I said racing-inspired cosmetic mods only belong on track cars, but this Tesla Model S from Unplugged Performance made me eat my words.

Scosche Harley handlebar interface is really cool

New Scosche Harley-Davidson Handlebar Control Interface reportedly lets handlebar controls for phone, radio, and media work with aftermarket head units.

A look at Rocket Bunny body kits after SEMA 2014

Looking at Rocket Bunny body kits after SEMA, I’d say some see them the same way some see Air Jordans: Style plays a huge role, but do they add performance?

Hirsch becomes Performance Sector for Saab

Some automakers offer their own in-house performance brand. Others go with a partner, as Volvo does with Polestar. Now Hirsch apparently is Saab’s Polestar.

The wonderful concept of anti-lag explained

For all you folks who enjoy arguing “supercharger vs. turbocharger,” here’s a briefing on forced induction and a look at what an anti-lag set up really is.

Blow a fuse? Check out these Scosche replacements.

I hate Pep Boys fuses. The quality leaves a lot to be desired. Lucky for me, Scosche has announced a new line of fuses reported to be of the highest quality.

It’s ok to dream — especially of some Hirsch products

Hirsch has a body kit for my Saab listed at $4,569.07, which seems like quite a lot for not much hardware. What makes the kit worth it — or is it worth it?

Texas Instruments HUD shows TI is more than calculators

Texas Instruments’ DLP HUD has the same tech as “nine out of 10″ movie theater projectors, the company says. It looks better than any in-car HUD, I say.