Chevrolet Colorado gets “box delete” option

Already, the new Chevrolet Colorado is getting a “box delete” option that removes its bed. Pardon me, but I CAN HAZ AUSSIE CARGO TRAY NOW?

AAMP aftermarket technologies to help you drive safe

At CES, AAMP of America launched a new marketing and public information campaign called Drive Safe, Drive Connected.

Boost + Subaru BRZ = better than a supercar?

How does a turbocharged GT86 — the Subaru BRZ’s Toyota twin — stack up against the likes of a McLaren and Ferrari? Better than you’d probably expect.

This Saab 9-6SS custom race car is quite the head-turner

Combining old school and new school for one sweet Swedish racecar, you’ll definitely want to check out this one-of-a-kind Saab 9-6SS!

Scosche helping out new GM full-size SUV owners

New install kits introduced by Scosche at CES will make aftermarket stereo installation a breeze for owners of new full-size GMC and Chevrolet SUVs.


How much horsepower does a car need to be superior?

The problem with judging a car superior is not only are your criteria debatable, but also the idea that they are what makes a car superior is questionable.

Is air suspension only about form?

While air suspension may be mostly used for looks in the low-rider scene, Frank considers whether there’s a performance air suspension option for his Saab.

The hunt for wheels continues…

Will Vauxhall VXR wheels be fitted to the Saab this spring, or will Frank decide to change things up with a “different” paint job on his Cobalt SS wheels?

There’s a turbo kit out there for everyone

Frank looks into what turbo kits are readily available for the base 2.5 Nissan Altima S. Believe it or not, there is one available.

Android Auto? Apple CarPlay? Top-of-the-Line Kenwood lets you choose!

For those who are noncommittal on who makes your smartphone, Kenwood is your head unit of choice.

Time for new brakes — which EBC combo will it be?

Our Frank Cruz weighs his options for replacing rear brakes on his Saab 9-3 Aero: EBC Red Stuff, or Yellow Stuff, or Bosch OEM stuff?


AppRadio features added to Pioneer head units in firmware update

The Pioneer AppRadio One firmware update provides the ability of certain regular Pioneer head units to gain AppRadio features.