VIDEO: Nissan AroundView Monitor goes deep sea exploring

Nissan’s AroundView Monitor has spoiled us in the past, and has been copied by a number of manufacturers. But how would one use it to explore the deep sea?

MINI Augmented Vision is BMW’s Google Glass

MINI Augmented Vision looks like old-school pilot goggles but performs very much like a BMW-flavored Google Glass with improved car connectivity.

UMTRI study: Motion sickness overlooked in autonomous cars

A UMTRI study found some people would watch the road in an autonomous car, but others would not — and that could lead to an epidemic of motion sickness.

Nissan Driver Attention Alert said to combat drowsy driving

On Drowsy Driving Awareness Day Monday, April 6, Nissan Driver Attention Alert was touted as a way to cut down on drowsy driving-related crashes.

NYIAS: Chevrolet Spark “grows up”

With its new design, new engine, and new infotainment upgrades, the tiny Chevrolet Spark could have a big future.

We lay eyes on the Elio at NY International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show marks the first time we’ve seen an Elio in person. We even sat in it! Our initial thoughts here:


NYIAS: Thoughts On the drift button in the Ford Focus RS

We reflect on what the Ford Focus RS drift button can mean for Ford fans in America. Is it pure genius, or is it the equivalent of fancier training wheels?

NYIAS: Seeing the Cadillac CT6 and digging the CUE upgrade

Last night I had a chance to attend the unveiling of the Cadillac CT6. While others ogled the sheet metal, I was digging the upgrades to Cadillac CUE.

NYIAS: Lexus, Toyota introduce “low-cost” automated braking

Toyota and Lexus models reportedly will get automated braking, starting with the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Lexus RX crossovers to be introduced in New York this week.

Plane Tech: HondaJet recevies provisional nod from FAA

The HondaJet — Honda’s unique take on an executive jet — got provisional type certification (PTC) from the FAA. Next step: final certification.

Range Rover Sport gets NY Auto Show overhaul

The Range Rover Sport will get a redesign for this year’s NY International Auto Show — and it’s getting a ton of cool engine and tech upgrades, too.

Chevy Malibu will monitor your teen’s driving

The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu will debut Teen Driver, a service to help parents monitor driving habits of their children.