Product Review: Coolreall Box 21

Coolreall has a new jumper box on the market that should prove handy for those who are prone to killing their car batteries.

QNX rocks wildly-modded infotainment at Connected Car Conference

A QNX-equipped Maserati at the Connected Car Conference showed some interesting infotainment integration ideas.

Attention northeast vehicle owners: Check your brakes!

With summer here, you probably aren’t thinking about winter. But you ought to be thinking about what last winter might have done to your brakes. Here’s why:

Escalade Escapades: Of motorized steps on 2015 Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade was my second experience with motorized running boards, and it made me a believer in the simple, yet effective technology addition.

Could self-driving cars be the death of billboards?

No more billboards? Probably not. But if everyone is staring at their iPads in self-driving cars, the effect on internet revenue would be staggering.

Subaru Starlink services priced, packaged

If you want Subaru Starlink services on your new Scoob, we can now officially share with you the pricing for those services.

Velodyne LIDAR Puck wows Autotech Council meeting

Velodyne promised a smaller, more cost-competitive LIDAR sensor for autonomous cars a year ago, and it kept that promise with the VLP-16 LIDAR Puck.

U.S. headlights short on safety, AAA says

If you live where streetlights don’t, you already know what AAA says its studies reveal: Headlights in the U.S. are woefully inadequate.

Oops: Never assume a Volvo has pedestrian detection

A video surfaced this weekend showing a Volvo XC60 striking onlookers who thought the car had pedestrian detection and auto-braking. Uh, oops?

These radar detector apps should help during your summer travels

If you’re traveling this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to look into radar detector or GPS smartphone apps. Considering all the warm-weather construction and the abundance of law enforcement officers who will be giving out tickets, this info could prove quite useful.


Why you should never assume a dashcam proves your innocence

The truck driver in this video seems to think his innocence is assured by the dashcam video he captured. We say, “Not so fast.”

Blast out of the ice with Hydroblast heated washer fluid

Heated washer fluid systems are not new, but they remain automotive esoterica. Hydroblast, however, has an aftermarket mod that should cost about $200.