Could Nuance Dragon Drive Mobile give us talk-to-start?

Nuance Dragon Drive Mobile promises to bring the next generation of voice recognition capabilities to the car. Talk-to-start? Maybe not — yet. But soon?

Phinergy has plans for the future of long-range EVs

Phinergy has been experimenting with metal-air batteries that could mean big things for the future of EVs.


Nissan Sentra earns IIHS Top Safety Pick rating

The 2015 Nissan Sentra earned Top Safety Pick status from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, improving from “Poor” to “Good” in the small overlap test.

Why that guy who “fixed” his hybrid battery is in for trouble

The VP of a company that rebuilds hybrid batteries says that guy who did a self-repair on his hybrid battery may be in for a rude awakening.

New Audi Q7 doing it big at NAIAS

The 2016 Audi Q7 reportedly is the first-ever vehicle to be honored with the “Best Designed Interior” award at North American International Auto Show.

AAMP aftermarket technologies to help you drive safe

At CES, AAMP of America launched a new marketing and public information campaign called Drive Safe, Drive Connected.

Volvo says it can integrate autonomous cars into real traffic

Think autonomous cars are a pipe dream? Volvo says it has the tech to put autonomous cars into existing traffic with ordinary people in the driver’s seat.

2015 Ford F-150 reportedly Snowmageddon-ready

Given the snow we’ve seen in Tennessee this week, I’d readily take a press loan in the form of the Snowmageddon-ready 2015 Ford F-150 with snow plow.

New Audi R8 to get frickin’ LASER HEADLIGHTS

The new Audi R8 will get cool headlights — laser headlights, to be precise — but only in Europe. Dammit.

McLaren, JVC-Kenwood bring the future of your dash to CES

A McLaren representative told us recently very cool things were going to be happening in the dashboard. “Watch this space.” JVC-Kenwood shows what he meant.

2016 Honda Pilot gets redesign, debuts at Chicago

The 2016 Honda Pilot SUV showed its redesign at Chicago Auto Show this year promising class-leading safety, fuel efficiency, and a host of new technologies.

Man avoids $4,450 bill by making hybrid repair himself

When Toyota wants you to pay $4,450 for a failing hybrid battery pack and you’re an electrical engineer type, what else is there to do but fix it yourself?