I want to be a holdout in the 2070 fully autonomous world

This infographic shows what several industry pundit-types think will be our autonomous vehicle future. I’ll be the one resisting the tide.


Hack a Tesla, win 10 grand! And we have a winner!

The problem with a “hack a Tesla, win 10 grand” prize is if you are lucky enough to own a Tesla, futzing with the control modules to hack them would probably not bode too well for the warranty claims. But, at a hacking conference called Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) to be held in Beijing, China more »

My Saab gets an EBC brake setup

There is more to modifying than just the “go-fast parts.” Stopping fast is just as important, if not more than, going fast. For that, I chose EBC brakes.

Noteworthy: Nissan Around View Monitor definitely the bees knees

Taking my dad for a ride in the Nissan Versa Note, he said he wanted — no, NEEDED — Nissan Around View Monitor on his boat. It’s that good.


OEMs, suppliers work to stop hackers from taking over your car

A group gathered at Delphi Automotive headquarters in Troy, MI aim to stop would-be automotive hackers in their tracks.

Nissan CEO Ghosn sets autonomous vehicle tech timetable

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has set a formal timetable for adoption of technology that could make autonomous vehicles a real thing on the highways of the globe.

New TRW seat belt retractor lighter, smaller

It ain’t sexy, but safety rarely is: A new TRW seat belt retractor promises to be lighter and smaller than previous seat belt retractors.

Autonomous cars? Ha! Check out Mercedes’ autonomous semi.

Leave it to the brand you buy when you want to one-up your neighbors’ new Cadillac to itself one-up recent autonomous cars with an autonomous semi truck.

Now Alpine joining the OAA Army

We kind of figured this one would be a no-brainer, as Alpine is also a Tier One automotive supplier. Why not join the OAA Army?

VIDEO: 2015 Hyundai Genesis closer to autonomous driving than you think

Hyundai typically is not the first automaker to pop up in autonomous vehicle discussion, but this video may change that.

Crash your 2015 Ford Mustang, and it’ll call 911 for you

New Ford SYNC 911 Assist features on the Ford Mustang will enable it to relay vital information to 911 dispatchers after making a call if you crash.

First five-row side curtain airbag headed to Ford Transit

Side curtain airbags aren’t new technology, but the five-row side curtain airbag coming to the Ford Transit Wagon certainly takes the idea to a new level.