Record valet shenanigans in your new Corvette? Yes, you can.

Heads up, valet drivers: Get saucy with the clientele’s new Corvette, and you might get caught red-handed. Prod the skinny pedal at your own peril.


Hack a Tesla, win 10 grand! And we have a winner!

The problem with a “hack a Tesla, win 10 grand” prize is if you are lucky enough to own a Tesla, futzing with the control modules to hack them would probably not bode too well for the warranty claims. But, at a hacking conference called Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) to be held in Beijing, China more »


OEMs, suppliers work to stop hackers from taking over your car

A group gathered at Delphi Automotive headquarters in Troy, MI aim to stop would-be automotive hackers in their tracks.


Ford, Intel explore new applications for interior cameras

Ford and Intel are exploring ways interior cameras might be used in future vehicles. Here’s what they say the car interior of the future might look like:

Car Tech Demo Days 2014 underway now

You may have seen your local news station talking about aftermarket car technology or Car Tech Demo Days. The local affiliates get involved with the national program.

CoverCar sews shipping suit for your next Chevy

CoverCar has Italian roots and creates what might be thought of as the equivalent of fine Italian suits designed to protect General Motors vehicles in transit, replacing more common plastic wrap.

PHOTOS: A little hanging out at the New York International Auto Show

There is no rhyme or reason to this post. Just what stuck out in my head — and a few photos — after I spent a day at the New York International Auto Show.

Smart car tipping? An urban version of car tipping?

As everything old becomes new again, the Smart has replaced the Beetle as the diminutive joke of those who are not cognoscenti in the automotive world. And vandals in San Francisco are having a field day.

Harman’s new scalable infotainment platform. Or, how to have your Raspberry Pi and eat it too!

Yesterday we took a look at the integration of the Raspberry Pi into a Honda Civic and wondered the possibilities. Well, if you take a look at Harman’s new scalable infotainment system, you can see where we are headed when we look at the hardware and software from a major supplier.

IC Realtime takin’ racin’ cameras and surveillance cameras to the next level- onboard a Ferrari Scuderia

There are a lot of grassroots motorsports racers who like to take their GoPro shotgun so they can analyze the data of their run. But, if you are an advanced video surveillance company, how about showing off your wares on the racetrack to show what you can do?

IC Realtime has developed a remote-viewing platform that captures 720-degree video with no blind spots or moving parts.


Right PSI on Kickstarter kicks into overdrive

Throughout the years there have been many attempts to remotely check tire pressure. Now TPMS is pretty much standard equipment on most vehicles as the EPA wants to save gas. Heck, Nissan’s will even honk at you when you reach the correct pressure at the pump. Right PSI is an analog solution that seems to work well for older cars.

TraqCloud could bring cheap car tracking to fleets — or your neighborhood creeper

Tracking is essential to fleets. Transportation fleets place trackers on their trucks and trailers to make finding them easier in the event they get lost or stolen, or to monitor whether drivers are breaking the speed limit and driving off their appointed route. A Texas startup calling itself Traqcloud could drastically lower the cost of tracking for fleets like those — or for your neighborhood creeper.