Call me Low-Cal Al: Testing the 2.7L Ford F-150

Just after Lyndon tested the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, I was able to get my hands on the baby of the family: The 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 in the Ford F-150.


Fully Evolved: 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution reviewed

Mitsubishi may have a bad rap for its financials, but it’s still capable of producing a hell of a car, as the final Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution shows.

Disco-Tech: We test the Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport proves to be the right-sized Land Rover SUV, especially if you find the Evoque’s sloping roof too…evoqative.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 3D prints a Shelby Cobra

If you had a big enough 3D printer, you might reasonably want to 3D print a Shelby Cobra, right? That’s what Oak Ridge National Laboratory did.


I. CAN’T. EVEN: The audio soundtrack behind the BMW i8.

We humans have a Pavlovian response to guttural engine sounds. Louder equals faster in our minds. Good thing the BMW i8 has killer audio tuning to trick us.

Call me Al: Driving the aluminum 2015 Ford F-150

Much has been said about the Ford F-150’s transition to an all-aluminum body for 2015. So how does it affect handling and fuel economy?


I. CAN’T. EVEN. How is it to live with BMW i8?

Some argue the Tesla P85D is the pinnacle in this price bracket. I say the BMW i8 is the most technologically advanced vehicle on earth below $150K.

Attention northeast vehicle owners: Check your brakes!

With summer here, you probably aren’t thinking about winter. But you ought to be thinking about what last winter might have done to your brakes. Here’s why:

Royal Regal: On Buick Regal GS Sport Mode options

“You mean there is a button in the Buick Regal GS that releases the full hell of the option package you chose?”


Royal Regal: We try out the 2015 Buick Regal GS

Somewhere between blue-haired grandmothers’ ride of choice and the all-badass, blacked-out GNX is the 2015 Buick Regal GS.


Horse! Understanding the visceral appeal of a Ford Mustang

I never really “got” what all the fuss was about with the Ford Mustang. Having driven a 2015 Ford Mustang GT last week, that has finally changed.

Escalade Escapades: We test the 2015 Cadillac Escalade

The 2015 Cadillac Escalade dazzled us when we saw it at the official reveal. But now it is in my driveway, and I can ogle the grill. Man is it big!