So long, Sonata: We admire 2014 Hyundai Sonata’s sheet metal

The 2014 Hyundai Sonata wasn’t bad to look at by any stretch of the imagination, and it didn’t sacrifice solid build quality in the name of style.

Fortissimo Fiat: We spend some time in the Fiat 500L

The lilliputian Fiat 500 may be the real-life counterpart to Luigi in the Disney “Cars” movies, but the Fiat 500L is just plain Euro weird — in a good way.

Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon say size matters

In a world where the size of the truck too often — and stupidly, might I add — equates with the size of a man’s, well, manhood, it’s refreshing to see General Motors’ new midsize Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon twins making the case that size really does matter…just not in the way the Cowboy Cadillac-having crowd in hometowns across America would seem to think.

2015 Ford Mustang’s ponycar power-to-weight push

Lest you think all the power-to-weight (and dollars-per-horsepower) news is coming from the Dodge Challenger Hellcat lately, Ford Mustang would like to remind you about its own power-to-weight claim to fame: Ford says in a press release that the 2015 Ford Mustang is still the best power-to-weight ratio you can buy for under $50,000 in the U.S.


Elio talks wiring tech, choosing NEWTECH 3 as supplier

Wiring is vital for the technology-loaded cars of today. Despite relatively old-school engine tech, Elio Motors realizes it will need a solid central nervous system in the form of a reliable, adaptable wire harness. That’s why the company said it turned to NEWTECH 3 — a supplier of wire harnesses and circuit board assemblies for more »

Rockford Fosgate and Mitsubishi ROCK Pikes Peak

During the 92nd Annual Broadmoor Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb, Mitsubishi tag teamed its forces with Rockford Fosgate to entertain the crowd when the racing was not happening.  Could the Rockford Mini Sound Lab provide the power for the I-MiEV to win the race?! Mitsubishi Motors entered two electric vehicles in the race, and Rockford more »

Nissan LEAF: safari vehicle?

Word association: When I say the two words, “Nissan LEAF,” what are the first two words that come to your mind? How about, “safari vehicle?”


Nissan LEAF gets self-cleaning paint: Cleanest car ever?

The addition of Nissan’s Ultra-Ever Dry paint, marketed by the automaker as a self-cleaning paint, could make the Nissan LEAF a “clean” car in a new way.

Hybrid horses, different courses: We try 3 Toyota hybrids in 3 weeks

When we got three Toyota hybrids in three weeks, we couldn’t resist looking at them as three takes on the same basic idea for three very different people.


We play with a new Jeep Renegade up close and personal

After seeing one in person for the first time, we can say this: The new Jeep Renegade is boxy — in a good way — and should offer plenty of cool tech.

GM: ZF electronic steering improves Cadillac ATS ride, handling

The 2015 Cadillac ATS gets better ride quality without sacrificing handling thanks to a new ZF electronic steering assist system, according to GM.

GM brake testing center can simulate braking under any condition

Brake noises are among the most annoying noises, especially when they come from the underside of a brand new car. General Motors says its brake testing center can now simulate braking under just about any condition imaginable in an effort to ensure a noiseless braking experience.