Plane Tech: HondaJet recevies provisional nod from FAA

The HondaJet — Honda’s unique take on an executive jet — got provisional type certification (PTC) from the FAA. Next step: final certification.

Ford F-150 to make use of REPREVE recycled plastics

The Ford F-150 will make use of REPREVE — a fiber made from 100% recycled plastics including those from plastic bottles — in its interior.

NYIAS: Ford Focus RS makes debut

The Ford Focus RS is set to debut at New York International Auto Show, bringing all-wheel drive to the Focus in North America for the first time.

Well, it’s no Montero, but Mitsu reveals new Outlander

When Mitsubishi gave us a tease for a New York Auto Show vehicle, we were hoping for it to be a Montero. But we’ll settle for the more refined Outlander.

Range Rover Sport gets NY Auto Show overhaul

The Range Rover Sport will get a redesign for this year’s NY International Auto Show — and it’s getting a ton of cool engine and tech upgrades, too.

Spaceship: Of seating in the 2015 Transit Connect Wagon

The 2015 Ford Transit Connect Wagon has pretty darned nice seating for a transformed cargo van — although it comes with a learning curve, we must say.

2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV headed to dealerships

The 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV is headed to dealerships, lest you think the Diamond Star brand is content to let Nissan soak up all the EV sales in America.

Rim Diary: On the hunt for vintage rims, persistence required

I’d like to put some vintage OEM rims on my Nissan cube. But getting the rims I want will take persistence — and maybe more money than I care to part with.

Spaceship: The 2015 Ford Transit Connect visits us

Some would struggle to deliver a family-friendly vehicle based on a commercial platform, but the Ford Transit Connect does it well.

Watch 2016 Nissan Titan get beaten, battered in testing

Any truck-loving, red-blooded ‘Merican will cringe at this video of engineers putting the new Nissan Titan through the beating of five lifetimes.


Chevrolet Colorado gets “box delete” option

Already, the new Chevrolet Colorado is getting a “box delete” option that removes its bed. Pardon me, but I CAN HAZ AUSSIE CARGO TRAY NOW?

Second-gen Chevrolet Spark looks to fire up two auto shows

The second-generation Chevrolet Spark will fire up auto show attendees in NYC and Seoul. And by “attendees,” we mean “fans of cheap cars who sneak in.”