Elio gives more insight on decision to build own engine

Elio Motors is revealing more details on why it chose not to build clones of the Suzuki G10 engine that powered the Geo Metro — and Elio prototypes.

Ford demonstrates PHEVs that talk to your power company

Ford said it will demonstrate technology that would allow PHEVs to quit charging during times of peak demand on the electrical grid — if their owners want.

Jaguar purr dissected in Ingenium engine breakdown

Jaguar revealed details of two Ingenium diesel engines recently — one configuration offering 75 MPG while the other offers a stout 317 ft-lbs of torque.

Boosting China: Honeywell harnessing a hankering for turbos

A Honeywell study says 49 million vehicles will be equipped with turbochargers annually by 2019, with the largest growth in boosted cars coming in China.

Mazda makes its own claim to top of EPA MPG charts

Nissan is the highest-MPG full-line automaker — tops among those who build trucks and cars — but Mazda says it’s fuel economy is the best overall.

Nissan top full-line manufacturer in EPA MPG tally

Nissan said it is the automaker with the highest average fuel economy in EPA’s most recent Trends Report, edging out Toyota by 1.1 MPG to take the top spot.

New Volvo Drive-E concept powertrain has 450 horsepower

The Swedes are at it again: Reportedly, the new Volvo Drive-E concept powertrain pumps out 450 horsepower — from just two liters and four cylinders.


Tips offered for eking out last of nice weather fuel economy

Generally, cars are capable of better fuel economy in warm weather. These tips can help maximize your fuel economy while we cling to the last warm days.

Lamborghini Asterion is newest insane PHEV on the block

When the Lamborghini Asterion was unveiled, I was so awestruck I forgot my login to Lambo’s press site. With that sorted, let me tell you how insane it is.

Taxi Wars #14: Nissan NV200 gets 1-MPG improvement

The Nissan NV200 got a 1-MPG improvement in highway fuel economy for 2015, but still falls short of rival Ford Transit Connect.

Chevrolet Trax brings bowtie its version of Buick Encore at $20,995

The Chevrolet Trax will launch soon for the 2015 model year and will finally give Chevrolet its version of the Buick Encore tiny crossover that so impressed us.


Ferocious Canine K900: On fuel economy and Surround View

The K900 proudly wears a Kia badge, as well it should. Don’t think “overpriced Kia.” Think “half-priced S-Class.”