SoundRacer app gives your car Ferrari exhaust note — kind of

If you’ve ever wanted your bland commuter machine to sound like an exotic supercar, SoundRacer is the app for that.

CES Asia: Chinese Audis get Huawei LTE, Baidu CarLife

Audi has teamed with Huawei to develop a new LTE module for Chinese Audis. In addition, Chinese Audis will get integration of Baidu CarLife.

These radar detector apps should help during your summer travels

If you’re traveling this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to look into radar detector or GPS smartphone apps. Considering all the warm-weather construction and the abundance of law enforcement officers who will be giving out tickets, this info could prove quite useful.

New BMW ConnectedDrive Portal goes live

BMW announced its new BMW ConnectedDrive Portal has gone live and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

No rules, just right: Infotainment in the ’15 Subaru Outback

I really like the supplier who makes the Subaru Outback’s seven-inch touchscreen with its edgeless design. I have used a similar unit in an Infiniti.

Ford Mustang Customizer gets reboot

If you, like me, spent far too much time on the old Ford Mustang Customizer site, Ford’s got good news for you: The Customizer is getting an update.

Infiniti Vision GT shown next to real-life counterpart

The Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo was among those crazy Vision Gran Turismo design exercises several automakers undertook. Only Infiniti built one for real.


No rules, just right: Driving the 2015 Subaru Outback Limited

When you first jump into the all new 2015 Subaru Outback limited, you wonder why Americans have typically shunned tall wagons with AWD for SUVs.

My first impressions of the Volvo V60 Cross Country

Contrary to the image some stuck-in-the-past people may have at the name “Volvo,” the Volvo V60 Cross Country really is a sexy vehicle.

Apple Watch controls functions of BMW i models

BMW said its BMW i Remote app is available for the Apple Watch and can be used to remotely check and control functions in BMW i models.

Have we seen the last of the Fast and Furious?

Frank Cruz recaps the Fast and Furious 7, and takes a look at the future of one of the greatest movie franchises of all time.

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum gets Sony sound

The 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum will get a Sony sound system inspired by Sony’s premium home audio equipment.