So long, Sonata: Infinity audio sends 2014 Hyundai Sonata out on high note

The optional Infinity audio system equipped on our 2014 Hyundai Sonata limited sends the last year of the swoopy Sonata out on a high note.

The Lengthy Li: Backseat fun in the BMW 750Li

Luckily for those of us with children who aren’t entertained by simply looking out the windows, the BMW 750Li’s rear-seat entertainment system delivers.

Nearly six-figure Slade: ’15 Cadillac Escalade Platinum is $90K

Add a few options to the tech-laden 2015 Cadillac Escalade, and it’s not hard to imagine the price tag cracking the $100,000 barrier.

Don’t Ram it in! Use a Metra 2002-2005 Dodge Ram Retrofit

For those who cannot have another monthly payment, the 2002-2005 Dodge Ram is a pretty bulletproof choice. But that ye olde Mopar parts bin head unit has to go. Lucky, then, that Metra Electronics has released a 2002-2005 Dodge Ram retrofit kit for aftermarket head units.

Pioneer’s new head units make Bluetooth pairing a little easier

Everyone likes a smooth Bluetooth pairing experience.  No one like a Bluetooth fight.  So Pioneer figured out this novel approach.  Rather than cue up the head unit, go into the iPhone, find the Settings, make sure that the head unit hasn’t left the pairing sequence while you were digging thru the iPhone, find the car more »

Alpine ships X-009 head unit. Shows F150 and Silverado love!

Lyndon and I love simple work trucks.  Utilitarian.  Typically easy to fix.  And you don’t feel so bad if you get a minor scratch in the bed or ding in the door.  But don’t you find that you spend more time in the work truck than your pride-and-joy weekend roadster?  I certainly do.  So I more »

The Lengthy Li: Can the big BMW 750Li take on the S500?

Feature for feature, probably it is an even contest between the BMW 750Li and the Mercedes-Benz S500. A dead heat. But for driving dynamics, the BMW may have the edge.

In technology, the S Class pulls ahead. However, there are a few tricks up the big Bimmer’s sleeve to make it not a tech bummer at all.

Audi Q3 is coming: Cute ute with tech!

In the cute ute category, the Q3 is coming, and the pricing is not bad to start — especially considering its wide array of tech including on-board wifi.

Dodge Charger Pursuit continues tech-heavy standard setup

The 2015 updates to the Dodge Charger Pursuit should make its interior technology even more impressive than a 2013 Charger Pursuit I drove this year.

Porsche with a plug: I dig Porsche Panamera’s steering wheel controls

It’s safer to keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel, as Jim Morrison said. That’s why I love the simplicity of Porsche’s thumbwheel.

Subies get Starlink improvements via Clarion Smart Access

A lot of praise has been heaped on the new Subaru Starlink infotainment/connectivity systems. Sometimes, not so much. However, Subaru is making it easier for the end user to access apps via the Clarion Smart Access platform.

Genuine Saab Taliaferro Air Intake is a beautiful noisemaker

The Taliaferro air intake I recently installed on my Saab is a beautiful noisemaker — and the first step to a better performance setup.