Clarion heats up the summer with its Summer Roadtrip Sweepstakes

Clarion announced its Summer Roadtrip Sweepstakes promotion, and the icing on the cake is a Kate Spade tote stuffed with an NX604 multimedia powerhouse.

Noteworthy: I like the Nissan Versa Note’s Versa-tile head unit

Unlike some econobox head units that force you into an either/or scenario, the Nissan Versa Note’s head unit can display nav directions and media details

Kenwood saying ‘Who needs CarPlay?’ We can give that functionality even better without phone contraints…

Pioneer and Alpine had recently made their forays into Apple’s CarPlay in the aftermarket.  Kenwood is going with a different approach. They prefer using their aftermarket unit’s horsepower.  Coupled to Siri in, it gives drivers more features and flexibility compared to the constraints of working within the CarPlay sandbox.  After all, what if you got more »

Hybrid horses, different courses: A tale of three head units

We’ve already talked about the differences in fuel economy between the three Toyota — actually, two Toyota and one Lexus — hybrids we tested recently. Now let’s talk about the differences in infotainment between them.

smart fortwo and forfour debut in Europe, JBL brings the noise

smart has teamed with Harman to bring JBL sound to the newly redesigned smart fortwo and forfour city cars for the first time.

New 2016 Mazda2 debuts, shows better infotainment

The Mazda2 has always been a favorite small car of mine. It takes the driving dynamics of the Mazda3, widely considered among the most fun compact cars to drive, and cranks them up to 11 by way of its smaller size and super light (think 2,500 lbs) weight. But among its class competitors, the Mazda2 was starting to look a bit dated, if we’re honest. Plus, its infotainment options were just as dated as its interior and exterior design.

This week, Mazda unveiled the 2016 Mazda2, and we like what we see. The exterior design is much more in line with the KODO design language we love on the new Mazda6, Mazda CX-5, and Mazda3, and the interior looks to be tastefully reserved — with a nice, minimalist touchscreen infotainment unit taking center stage.

Noteworthy: Spending some time in the Nissan Versa Note SV

It’s been years since I’ve driven a Nissan product. Now, I’m wheeling in a Nissan Versa Note and loving its tech — and, oddly enough, its CVT.

2015 Hyundai Elantra touts robust infotainment selection

The 2015 Hyundai Elantra will be all-new. With the new model will come new infotainment options that present a robust choice for shoppers in the segment.

Clarion probably putting that NX604 in the 2002

We already told you about the new Clarion flagship NX model. And we are pretty confident one of those NX604 models will find its way into an old BMW 2002.

Now Alpine joining the OAA Army

We kind of figured this one would be a no-brainer, as Alpine is also a Tier One automotive supplier. Why not join the OAA Army?

Hyundai Android Auto debuts at Google Developers Conference

We’ve known for quite some time Hyundai’s plans to push open-source infotainment into its cars as part of the Open Automotive Alliance, a consortium of automakers and aftermarket suppliers who will strive for that same goal. At the 2014 Google Annual Developers Conference, Hyundai showed its 2015 models running Android Auto infotainment interfaces.

Harman joins the OAA Army

As the Android and Google developer conference came to a close, the number of soldiers in the OAA Army increased. The latest recruit: Harman.