Ford opens Silicon Valley research center

Ford’s new Silicon Valley digs will research and develop tech for autonomous vehicles, connectivity, mobility, big data, and customer experience, Ford said.

As Harman does Tata, so might Land Rover and Jaguar?

Recently Tata motors named Harman “Supplier of the Year” for its Indian market vehicles. So might we see more Harman in Jaguar and Land Rover? Perhaps.

Travelin’ with your devices? Get help from Pangea Audio.

You know what sucks about going on a road trip with all of your devices? Remembering the cords for all of those devices. Pangea Audio to the rescue!


Pono going into new Lincoln Continental?

Did Neil Young inadvertently spill the beans not just about a new Lincoln Continental — because, OMG — but also about his Pono music player being in it?


Install: KY Stage 3 clutch upgrade for Saab 9-3 2.0T

After experiencing clutch slippage, Chris knew a replacement was due for the Saab 9-3. He went with a KY Stage 3 clutch kit and an OEM dual-mass flywheel.

Josh Carter’s bug eye WRX has a killer sound system

When asked what his favorite aspect of the sound system is, Josh said, “My favorite aspect right now is the fullness of the sound I have.” I agree.

Q-Ship: On the Infiniti Q50S dash screens — a map all the time

I love the fact that Infiniti took two discrete touchscreens and mounted them on top of one another for their Infiniti InTouch system

SYNCronicity: Getting the Sting out of SYNC

Indeed, driver distraction may get you the attention of the Police, but as Ford introduces SYNC 3, I wonder how it counters MyFord Touch.

First insane CES demo build revealed: Memphis Car Audio’s Harley

Memphis Car Audio is exhibiting a custom 2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide at CES with an audio system that will blow your hair back while standing still.

Nothing beats your first boost experience — especially in a WRX

One thing my buddy’s super clean Chrysler 300 lacked was that five-letter word that puts a smile on most of our faces: boost. So he picked up a Subaru WRX.

Rakes Performance Tuning turns up the boost in Saab’s 2.8T

Rakes Performance Tuning is doing all the hard work of tuning my Saab 9-3 Aero to optimize its new QTP exhaust cut-out and Taliaferro intake.

Lincoln turns to Revel for high-end audio

Lincoln has teamed up with Harman to bring Revel high-end audio systems to its cars and SUVs.