I. CAN’T. EVEN: The audio soundtrack behind the BMW i8.

We humans have a Pavlovian response to guttural engine sounds. Louder equals faster in our minds. Good thing the BMW i8 has killer audio tuning to trick us.

Make it Fit! Metra has a kit for the new Honda Fit

Metra’s new dash kits for the latest Honda Fit mean you can upgrade without ruining the aesthetics of your interior.

Subaru bringing zero-landfill expertise to national parks

Subaru is known for operating a “zero-landfill” factory in Indiana, and now, the automaker will bring its know-how to national parks.

Could self-driving cars be the death of billboards?

No more billboards? Probably not. But if everyone is staring at their iPads in self-driving cars, the effect on internet revenue would be staggering.

Ford Fiesta and Escape first vehicles to get SYNC 3

Ford has let the cat out of the bag and is integrating the new SYNC 3 technology first into the economical-choice (read: Generation Z) Fiesta and Escape.

SolaRoad proves mostly successful

Remember the SolaRoad in the Netherlands? It turned out more successful than many naysayers thought.

Velodyne LIDAR Puck wows Autotech Council meeting

Velodyne promised a smaller, more cost-competitive LIDAR sensor for autonomous cars a year ago, and it kept that promise with the VLP-16 LIDAR Puck.

Will Android Auto, Apple CarPlay let Chevy one-up competition?

Chevy will have both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in a lot of 2016 models. Will it help to sell more vehicles in the short term?

Chevrolet Spark EV motor plant goes solar

The Chevrolet Spark EV electric motor plant in Baltimore, MD now has a full solar array and LEED certification, according to the automaker.


Why you should never assume a dashcam proves your innocence

The truck driver in this video seems to think his innocence is assured by the dashcam video he captured. We say, “Not so fast.”


Temperature may be essential for long-term CVT ownership

The CVT was the only part of buying two Nissan cubes that gave me pause. They fail, often with little warning. How, then, can one extend CVT lifespan?

Think parallel parking tech is new? Check out this Cadillac.

We’re getting used to cars that make parallel parking drastically easier or even do it for us. But 60 years ago, a Cadillac was breaking that ground.