Treadstone TR8L intercooler looks promising

We take a look at how Treadstone’s TR8L intercooler stacks up when compared to do88’s intercooler for the Saab 2.8. The TR8L seems to be the better option.

Memphis Car Audio shipping its new badass Bass Reference woofer

Memphis Car Audio is shipping its highly anticipated Bass Reference car audio subwoofers. Prepare for extreme bass.

Carbon fiber dress-up for the Saab

Carbon fiber body kits for my Saab have hefty price tags. While looking for alternatives, I found I could use pieces from different manufacturers.

Tesla Model S rear-seat entertainment by Apple? Try R-Zentric

One way to get your multimedia game on in the Tesla Model S is to give a call to R-Zentric. I am digging the rear seat entertainment system.

What to consider when replacing your spark plugs

I recently had the joy of changing the rear ignition coils and all six spark plugs on my 2008 Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T. If you’re there, read on:

Chris Forsberg named official test driver for Clarion Builds program

Two-time Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg has been named official test driver for the Clarion Builds program.


Chrysler uses virtual reality to show 200 come together

Lest you think Volvo was the only company to use virtual reality at LA Auto Show, Chrysler used it to showcase how the new 2015 Chrysler 200 came together.

Slingbox beamed to the rear seat? Now we’re talking content

Sling Media and VoxxHirschmann will partner to bring Slingbox-style content to your car.

Note, Senior: What, exactly, is different about Nissan Versa Note SR?

Other than subtly different exterior trim for a slightly sportier look, what sets the Nissan Versa Note SR apart from other Notes?

To be blunt, not much.

FlexSMART X2 brings Bluetooth to my factory head unit

Accessory Power’s FlexSMART X2 Bluetooth module and FM transmitter will be sold at a discounted Black Friday price on Amazon. Here’s what we think of it:

SEMA recognizes Kicker PSM3 powersports speaker system

Kicker PSM3 powersports speakers were recognized in SEMA’s Best New Powersports Product category and go on sale this month at Kicker retailers nationwide.

2015 Mustang interior inspired by airplane cockpit

The first roaring Mustang wasn’t a Ford. It wasn’t even a car. Now, the 2015 Ford Mustang interior takes cues from its airborne predecessor.