SEMA recognizes Kicker PSM3 powersports speaker system

Kicker PSM3 powersports speakers were recognized in SEMA’s Best New Powersports Product category and go on sale this month at Kicker retailers nationwide.

2015 Mustang interior inspired by airplane cockpit

The first roaring Mustang wasn’t a Ford. It wasn’t even a car. Now, the 2015 Ford Mustang interior takes cues from its airborne predecessor.

Blow a fuse? Check out these Scosche replacements.

I hate Pep Boys fuses. The quality leaves a lot to be desired. Lucky for me, Scosche has announced a new line of fuses reported to be of the highest quality.

Lexus IS350 F-SPORT has magical analog/digital gauge cluster

As hard as new TFT gauge screens try, they just can’t simulate the look of polished aluminum and mechanized beauty of the Lexus IS350 F-SPORT’s gauges.

It’s ok to dream — especially of some Hirsch products

Hirsch has a body kit for my Saab listed at $4,569.07, which seems like quite a lot for not much hardware. What makes the kit worth it — or is it worth it?


EVolution: Threefer madness

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not for everyone — at least, not yet. But one reader who reached out to us this week said he went whole-hog with three EVs — and he even juices them up on solar power.

Ford dealers to get wind turbines, solar panels in partnership

Ford announced it is teaming with Wind Energy Corporation in a $750,000 program that will install wind turbines and solar panels at four Ford dealerships.

Backing up a ProMaster? Crimestopper has you covered

Crimestopper’s SecurView SV-6904.PM can help you Ram ProMaster owners keep your Euro-tastic bumpers scratch-free — at least for a while.

Pioneer hits SEMA hard

Several top car builders integrated Pioneer’s NEX line of in-dash receivers along with a variety of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers into SEMA vehicles.

Daily driver vs built racer: We look at a couple of Audi B5 A4s

My buddy Joel enjoys the Audi B5 A4 so much, he has one as a daily driver and another as a track/project car. The daily driver is sweet. Check it out:

SolaRoad purports to be world’s first solar roadway

Solar Roadways’ principals were seeking just the kind of project SolaRoad has become in the Netherlands: A viable, solar power-collecting roadway.

First Pioneer, now Alpine hitting streets with Apple CarPlay

Married to your iPhone? Your only choice for full-on Apple CarPlay integration used to be Pioneer, but Alpine has now introduced its iLX-007 receiver.