Think parallel parking tech is new? Check out this Cadillac.

We’re getting used to cars that make parallel parking drastically easier or even do it for us. But 60 years ago, a Cadillac was breaking that ground.

Yard tech: RC lawn mower is ridiculously cool [VIDEO]

Last week, I was frustrated by my push mower’s handle falling off. If I had this RC lawn mower, that wouldn’t even be a concern.

VIDEO: Nissan AroundView Monitor goes deep sea exploring

Nissan’s AroundView Monitor has spoiled us in the past, and has been copied by a number of manufacturers. But how would one use it to explore the deep sea?

Yard tech: Of poorly designed push mower handles

Mowers: “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” — especially push mowers. Here’s how I fixed a crummy push mower handle design on the cheap:

We lay eyes on the Elio at NY International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show marks the first time we’ve seen an Elio in person. We even sat in it! Our initial thoughts here:

VIDEO: Electric Royal Enfield motorcycle is a real thing

As a fan of both electric cars and Royal Enfield motorcycles, I have been obsessing over this Royal Enfield with an electric powertrain since I saw it.

Escalade Escapades: On rear seat entertainment and MPGs

We take a look at the infotainment setup in the redesigned Cadillac Escalade, and we compare its MPGs to the Ford Expedition King Ranch we tested recently.

Spaceship: Of seating in the 2015 Transit Connect Wagon

The 2015 Ford Transit Connect Wagon has pretty darned nice seating for a transformed cargo van — although it comes with a learning curve, we must say.

Rim Diary: On the hunt for vintage rims, persistence required

I’d like to put some vintage OEM rims on my Nissan cube. But getting the rims I want will take persistence — and maybe more money than I care to part with.

Google releases Android Auto with Pioneer as its partner

Google and Pioneer officially announced Android Auto will come to Pioneer head units in the near future, beating automakers to the punch. Like old times!

What’s up with Apple’s Mystery Machine?

Is Apple investigating self-driving car tech, or merely preparing to introduce interesting new Maps app features? The Apple camera van mystery continues.

Nissan’s EV charger rebate is wrong. Here’s why.

Nissan is offering businesses in Georgia a $500 matching rebate on EV charging station installations. Here’s why I think the program is wrong-headed.