EFX Core Amp Installation Kits do the twist, cut noise

Ma Bell learned long ago that a certain amount of twists in a length of wire cuts noise. Scosche’s EFX Core Amp Installation Kits apply that to car audio.

Taliaferro Shift Cable Reinforcement Kit a step in the right direction

The guys at Genuine Saab designed an aluminum brace that should make the shift cable in my 9-3 more sturdy, eliminating most of its sluggishness. Does it?

Secrets revealed: 2015 Ford F-150 seamless sliding rear window

When I heard about the 2015 Ford F-150′s seamless sliding rear window, I thought, “Why hasn’t this happened before?”

The Lengthy Li: Backseat fun in the BMW 750Li

Luckily for those of us with children who aren’t entertained by simply looking out the windows, the BMW 750Li’s rear-seat entertainment system delivers.

Pioneer’s new head units make Bluetooth pairing a little easier

Everyone likes a smooth Bluetooth pairing experience.  No one like a Bluetooth fight.  So Pioneer figured out this novel approach.  Rather than cue up the head unit, go into the iPhone, find the Settings, make sure that the head unit hasn’t left the pairing sequence while you were digging thru the iPhone, find the car more »

Alpine ships X-009 head unit. Shows F150 and Silverado love!

Lyndon and I love simple work trucks.  Utilitarian.  Typically easy to fix.  And you don’t feel so bad if you get a minor scratch in the bed or ding in the door.  But don’t you find that you spend more time in the work truck than your pride-and-joy weekend roadster?  I certainly do.  So I more »

Mercedes S 500: Defeat the safety nannies for full autonomous?!

We already know that the Mercedes S 500 is unreal with its Distronic Plus system, but I would not have believed this hack if I didn’t see it for myself.

New Dodge Durango gets Blacktop Appearance Package

The 2014 Dodge Durango is getting a Blacktop Appearance Package that brings a host of darkened appearance goodies to the muscularly styled SUV.

Genuine Saab Taliaferro Air Intake is a beautiful noisemaker

The Taliaferro air intake I recently installed on my Saab is a beautiful noisemaker — and the first step to a better performance setup.

Omega releases DIY TPMS

Those who change their cars’ rims may have lost an important piece of car tech: TPMS. Here’s a simple DIY way to get that functionality back.

Review: Rockford Fosgate M282 marine speaker hits the water

Rockford Fosgate delivers when it comes to the marine audio speaker game.

Add a shaker hood to your Dodge Challenger for $2,660

Among the glut of Dodge Challenger news this week: Challenger owners who want to add some vintage performance flair can add a shaker hood for $2,660.