#MASHUP: Nissan LEAF meets Nissan Frontier in EV pickup truck

Nissan’s Technical Center had a crazy idea: Why not take a Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV) and slap a bed from a Nissan Frontier pickup truck on the back instead of a hatch? The crazier part? They actually did it.

Taxi Wars, Deutschland Edition: Uber ban lifted in Germany

This week, a court lifted a ban on Uber rideshare service in Germany despite protestations from Taxi Deutschland, a German taxi trade group that fought to keep Uber out of the country.

Ford F-150 parts have UV ray-beating tech

We’ve all seen vehicles that age not-so-gracefully. We’ve even seen our share of vehicles that age disgracefully. A lot of the blame centers on ultraviolet (UV) rays. Ford engineers have been working on Ford F-150 parts to ensure they can withstand the worst UV conditions on earth and still look as good as day one when you make your last truck payment.

Elio to sell equipment from factory ahead of 2015 production

Elio Motors says it will be taking the unusual step of selling some of the equipment it bought from the former General Motors truck plant in Shreveport, LA ahead of its planned 2015 production start date.

Car Tech Demo Days: Good time to buy 12V products at specialty retailers

Everyone wants the latest technology, but not all of us can drop big coin on a new car. During Car Tech Demo Days, it’s the aftermarket to the rescue!

Charter Communications orders more than 800 Ford Transit vans

Charter Communications, the nation’s fourth-largest cable operator, has purchased more than 800 new full-size Ford Transit vans for its fleet.

Toyota U2 concept is highly customizable for makers

Inspired by the “maker” movement — that is, young, high-tech do-it-yourselfers — the Toyota U2 concept is highly customizable, according to the automaker.

Real Wraith: Top 5 Rolls-Royce Wraith tech conversation starters

A friend of mine of means told me, “You won’t be able to get gas in the Wraith.” Huh?

My low-tech tailgate lock gets Piston Slap’d

Tailgate thievery is a real thing. How do you combat it using just a couple of dollars, five minutes of your time, and a low-tech tailgate lock? Here’s how:

It came from Outer Bass: Massive Audio UFO Subwoofers

We always dug us some Massive Audio. They make really high-quality products that slam at a relatively reasonable price point.

Well, not to slam them, but a lot of their lineup needs subwoofer boxes the size of Mars to sound good. That isn’t great for groceries. But, for the 15-year anniversary of Massive Audio, the company has developed the “UFO” slim-mount subwoofers. So instead of taking up “massive” amounts of space, they can put out massive amounts of bass tucked into one of the corners of the trunk.

Bangin’ Bowers and Wilkins system for the Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 will feature the first ever Bowers and Wilkins audio system built into an SUV and the first in-car use of B&W’s Tweeter On Top technology.

Chevrolet Colorado “Build Your Own” site launches

I’m the owner of a small truck, and I’m pretty excited to get to play with the new Chevrolet Colorado “Build Your Own” website.