Review: Rockford Fosgate M282 marine speaker hits the water

Rockford Fosgate delivers when it comes to the marine audio speaker game.

Add a shaker hood to your Dodge Challenger for $2,660

Among the glut of Dodge Challenger news this week: Challenger owners who want to add some vintage performance flair can add a shaker hood for $2,660.

Where Car Tech meets spy tech: FBI raids Ford in corporate espionage investigation

An ousted Ford engineer reportedly is suspected of corporate espionage — a charge that has led the Federal Bureau of Investigation to execute search warrants at Ford’s corporate headquarters in Dearborn, MI.

Kenwood saying ‘Who needs CarPlay?’ We can give that functionality even better without phone contraints…

Pioneer and Alpine had recently made their forays into Apple’s CarPlay in the aftermarket.  Kenwood is going with a different approach. They prefer using their aftermarket unit’s horsepower.  Coupled to Siri in, it gives drivers more features and flexibility compared to the constraints of working within the CarPlay sandbox.  After all, what if you got more »

Rockford at Sturgis Again! Paul Yaffe and Brian Jenkins in the house.

Not that the exhaust isn’t loud enough, but at least the tunes will be rocking too!  Rockford Fosgate will be the featured Motorcycle Audio company of the of the famed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2014. Rockford Fosgate will demonstrate its line of acclaimed motorcycle gear in its booth location on Lazelle Street in downtown Sturgis, SD more »

Tiny houses take common flatbed trailers to the extreme

It’s the ultimate install: You take your common flatbed, bumper hitch cargo trailer, see, and build a tiny house on top of it.


Hack a Tesla, win 10 grand! And we have a winner!

The problem with a “hack a Tesla, win 10 grand” prize is if you are lucky enough to own a Tesla, futzing with the control modules to hack them would probably not bode too well for the warranty claims. But, at a hacking conference called Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) to be held in Beijing, China more »

My Saab gets an EBC brake setup

There is more to modifying than just the “go-fast parts.” Stopping fast is just as important, if not more than, going fast. For that, I chose EBC brakes.

Noteworthy: Nissan Around View Monitor definitely the bees knees

Taking my dad for a ride in the Nissan Versa Note, he said he wanted — no, NEEDED — Nissan Around View Monitor on his boat. It’s that good.

Rockford Fosgate and Mitsubishi ROCK Pikes Peak

During the 92nd Annual Broadmoor Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb, Mitsubishi tag teamed its forces with Rockford Fosgate to entertain the crowd when the racing was not happening.  Could the Rockford Mini Sound Lab provide the power for the I-MiEV to win the race?! Mitsubishi Motors entered two electric vehicles in the race, and Rockford more »

Clarion probably putting that NX604 in the 2002

We already told you about the new Clarion flagship NX model. And we are pretty confident one of those NX604 models will find its way into an old BMW 2002.

Bully your Cummins to the (Dura?)Max: Bully Dog unlocks the ’13+ Cummins

On some other parts of this website, the folks get excited when they hack into the brains of their smartphone. That’s all well and good, but smartphones can’t deliver 800 ft-lbs of torque. Up until now, if you got a Ram with the oil burner, you had to enjoy the factory tune. But what fun is that when you want to add sidepipes and throw thick clouds of sulpher-induced NOx exhaust emissions in the face of the EPA? Well, maybe just for a short time. Track use only. Or something like that…
Bully Dog is selling an Unlock Package so Dodge owners can tune their 2013-2014 Dodge Ram Cummins. They’re already powerful, but ’13-’14 models were locked up tight — no tuning abilities. You won’t get more performance after you pull out of the dealership.

That was the rumor — until now!