Van Envy: Nissan NV200 has great van infotainment

Historically, cargo vans have not been known for great infotainment options. As our time in the 2015 Nissan NV200 showed us, that is about to change.

Five reasons we can’t wait for advanced connected cars

As the Internet of Things evolves, any product that stands to benefit from connectivity will likely be connected. This will soon mean connected cars.

Android Auto? Apple CarPlay? Top-of-the-Line Kenwood lets you choose!

For those who are noncommittal on who makes your smartphone, Kenwood is your head unit of choice.

Van envy: We test the Nissan NV200 cargo van

A surefire sign I’m an automotive oddball: I was more excited to test the Nissan NV200 cargo van than I have been about a test car in a long time.

Fiat 500X Infotainment probably gives taste of Renegade’s

Fiat Chrysler of America has dropped the word on the infotainment in the Fiat 500X, which should be quite similar to the Jeep Renegade we’re all hot about.

Q-Ship: On the Infiniti Q50S dash screens — a map all the time

I love the fact that Infiniti took two discrete touchscreens and mounted them on top of one another for their Infiniti InTouch system

Ford SYNC AppLink 3.0 to put your fave nav apps in the dash

Next year, Ford SYNC AppLink 3.0 reportedly will allow drivers to port their favorite navigation apps to the in-dash infotainment screen.

SYNCronicity: Getting the Sting out of SYNC

Indeed, driver distraction may get you the attention of the Police, but as Ford introduces SYNC 3, I wonder how it counters MyFord Touch.

Nissan, NASA partner on autonomous cars

Some are editorializing that autonomous cars will never happen in our lifetime. NASA and Nissan, meanwhile, are aiming to deploy them by year’s end.

Three’s Company: On the Mazda3 head-up display

The Mazda3 has a motorized head-up display that rises seemingly from the grave when the car is started. The bad: It seems fragile. Warn your detailer.

Japanese G: 2015 Lexus GX460 has no Remote Touch

Lexus Remote Touch is a system that tends to alienate critics. Lucky for those folks the 2015 Lexus GX460 we tested had no Remote Touch controller interface.


Three’s Company: On the Mazda3 navigation system

The Mazda3 nav unit kept changing as if it thought I was on cross streets. Huh? Why the heck is this unit so obtuse? Actually, it’s not. Let me explain.