Toyota i-Road coming to Japan’s Park24 car sharing service

The Toyota i-Road ultra-compact three-wheeled electric car will enter a trial car sharing service via Japan’s Park24 starting in April, according to Toyota.

McLaren 675LT: 0-to-lose-your-license in less than 5 seconds

The new McLaren 675LT will debut at Geneva with blistering performance: 0 to 62 MPH in 2.9 seconds and 0 to 124 MPH in 7.9 seconds.


Mighty mite: The not-too-many drive modes of MINI Cooper S

I was never big on selecting different drive modes. The wealth of selections on some cars can be overwhelming. Not so on the 2015 MINI Cooper S, thankfully.

Mighty Mite: Reviewing the 2015 MINI Cooper S

The newest MINI Cooper S came to visit us with — unfortunately — an automatic transmission. But even that feature didn’t disappoint us too much.

New Audi Q7 doing it big at NAIAS

The 2016 Audi Q7 reportedly is the first-ever vehicle to be honored with the “Best Designed Interior” award at North American International Auto Show.


cubist movement: Nissan cube is not the techiest car, but it was the right car for us. Twice.

Compared to many cars I drive as part of my job, the Nissan cube is not a tech-head’s dream. But it fits my family so well, we bought it twice. Here’s why:

Forget the new Volt — how about the Chevy Bolt?!?

The Chevy Bolt boasts a range of 200 miles. But is there more to it, or is it just a Sonic with no engine and a big-ass battery pack in its place?


GM battery czar has no interest in Tesla patents

GM Director of Global Battery Systems Bill Wallace reportedly said the automaker behind the Chevy Volt is not interested in Tesla Motors’ open patents.

Boost + Subaru BRZ = better than a supercar?

How does a turbocharged GT86 — the Subaru BRZ’s Toyota twin — stack up against the likes of a McLaren and Ferrari? Better than you’d probably expect.

2016 Honda Pilot gets redesign, debuts at Chicago

The 2016 Honda Pilot SUV showed its redesign at Chicago Auto Show this year promising class-leading safety, fuel efficiency, and a host of new technologies.

A Revelation of Genesis: New Hyundai Genesis visits us

When the newly redesigned Hyundai Genesis is this good, it’s almost capable of making one think twice of purchasing the more expensive Hyundai Equus.

Toyota aims to recycle 100% of hybrid batteries

Hybrid haters like to point out how resource-intensive hybrid batteries are, only to send them to the crusher. Toyota would like a word with the haters.