Record valet shenanigans in your new Corvette? Yes, you can.

Heads up, valet drivers: Get saucy with the clientele’s new Corvette, and you might get caught red-handed. Prod the skinny pedal at your own peril.

Pioneer’s new head units make Bluetooth pairing a little easier

Everyone likes a smooth Bluetooth pairing experience.  No one like a Bluetooth fight.  So Pioneer figured out this novel approach.  Rather than cue up the head unit, go into the iPhone, find the Settings, make sure that the head unit hasn’t left the pairing sequence while you were digging thru the iPhone, find the car more »

Uber employees play “ding-dong ditch” with Lyft, CNN says

Calling it “the taxi app version of ding-dong ditch,” CNN says Uber employees booked and then canceled more than 5,000 rides from rival Lyft since October.

Dodge Charger Pursuit continues tech-heavy standard setup

The 2015 updates to the Dodge Charger Pursuit should make its interior technology even more impressive than a 2013 Charger Pursuit I drove this year.

Subies get Starlink improvements via Clarion Smart Access

A lot of praise has been heaped on the new Subaru Starlink infotainment/connectivity systems. Sometimes, not so much. However, Subaru is making it easier for the end user to access apps via the Clarion Smart Access platform.

First official automaker app developer conference announced

Ford announced the first official automaker app developer conference will be at Super Mobility Week in Los Angeles, CA September 8-11.

Garmin Connext is MirrorLink in reverse, for airplanes

What if you could make MirrorLink work backwards? In effect, that’s what Garmin has done for pilots of general aviation aircraft.

Fortissimo Fiat: We spend some time in the Fiat 500L

The lilliputian Fiat 500 may be the real-life counterpart to Luigi in the Disney “Cars” movies, but the Fiat 500L is just plain Euro weird — in a good way.

Kenwood saying ‘Who needs CarPlay?’ We can give that functionality even better without phone contraints…

Pioneer and Alpine had recently made their forays into Apple’s CarPlay in the aftermarket.  Kenwood is going with a different approach. They prefer using their aftermarket unit’s horsepower.  Coupled to Siri in, it gives drivers more features and flexibility compared to the constraints of working within the CarPlay sandbox.  After all, what if you got more »

Ford launches global Innovate Mobility Challenge for developers

Ford launched its Innovate Mobility Challenge last week, offering developers a chance to solve a localized transportation-related problem and win some cash.

I want to be a holdout in the 2070 fully autonomous world

This infographic shows what several industry pundit-types think will be our autonomous vehicle future. I’ll be the one resisting the tide.

Nissan CEO Ghosn sets autonomous vehicle tech timetable

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has set a formal timetable for adoption of technology that could make autonomous vehicles a real thing on the highways of the globe.