Chevy Malibu will monitor your teen’s driving

The 2016 Chevrolet Malibu will debut Teen Driver, a service to help parents monitor driving habits of their children.

Ford Service Delivery Network is powered by Microsoft

Ford Service Delivery Network seeks to connect drivers to their cars in new ways — and it’s powered by Microsoft.

What’s up with Apple’s Mystery Machine?

Is Apple investigating self-driving car tech, or merely preparing to introduce interesting new Maps app features? The Apple camera van mystery continues.

Hyundai Blue Link will sync with your smartwatch

If you have Hyundai Blue Link and an Android-powered smartwatch, good news: A new Hyundai Blue Link companion app is now available for smartwatches.

Decades of data used in prepping new Chevy Malibu

The Chevy Malibu gets a refresh in 2016, and General Motors said it used decades’ worth of data to ensure it is equipped to handle the world’s worst roads.

Jaguar, Land Rover partner with Umano, other apps

I’m new to the Umano app, but next time I’m in a Jaguar or Land Rover, I’m going to give it a try — which will now be possible.


Lockheed Martin brings the frickin’ lasers!

You thought the Audi headlights with frickin’ LASER BEAMS were cool? Lockheed Martin has a real laser that can disable a car in an instant.

Ford Crew Chief rebranded as Ford Telematics, goes global

We’ve mentioned Ford Crew Chief before. It’s called Ford Telematics powered by Telogis now, because the Motor Company is rebranding it and taking it global.

Could Nuance Dragon Drive Mobile give us talk-to-start?

Nuance Dragon Drive Mobile promises to bring the next generation of voice recognition capabilities to the car. Talk-to-start? Maybe not — yet. But soon?

Exclusive: We try SYNC 3 in the new Mustang

Ford’s new SYNC 3 system seems to be the best infotainment of the bunch. I was able to try it out today in an actual Ford Mustang. Are you ready for this?


Medallion prices down, but Uber ain’t killed NYC taxis yet

Uber’s rise in New York City may have cheapened taxi medallions there, but it hasn’t hurt the company that grants loans to taxi companies to buy medallions.

Volvo says it can integrate autonomous cars into real traffic

Think autonomous cars are a pipe dream? Volvo says it has the tech to put autonomous cars into existing traffic with ordinary people in the driver’s seat.