Harman on a roll at the Paris Auto Show

Harman infotainment systems at the Paris Auto Show show that the folks behind JBL and other in-car technology brands are on a roll in the industry.

I Fell in Love with a Cop Car: 2015 Chevrolet Impala

I think you can forget how comfy full-size is until you get back into full-size — something I got to do with the 2015 Chevrolet Impala.

Mark Cuban: Not investing in Uber was probably my biggest mistake

Mark Cuban had some interesting words to say to Fox Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton, including an admission that not investing in ride-share service Uber when he had the chance may have been his “biggest mistake.

Autonomous Audi RS 7 races around Hockenheimring

We told you it would happen: An autonomous Audi RS7 raced around Hockenheimring at full speed today in Germany — with no driver on-board.

Spansion looks to enter instrument clusters and NVIDIA’s space

Spansion has released a new line of microcontrollers called Traveo that promise 2D and 3D graphics support as well as 16-bit audio and more in the car.

Ford demonstrates PHEVs that talk to your power company

Ford said it will demonstrate technology that would allow PHEVs to quit charging during times of peak demand on the electrical grid — if their owners want.


Elon Musk bullish on autonomous cars — five or six years? Next year?

Elon Musk is very bullish on the timeline of the autonomous car. And let’s face it: He figures it might as well be a Tesla.

Dr. Z coming to CES in 2015

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, A.K.A. Dr. Z, will discuss autonomous vehicle technology and its impact on society, mobility, and environment during his CES keynote.

Audi RS7 piloted driving concept to hit Hockenheimring

The Audi RS7 piloted driving concept reportedly will race around Hockenheimring to prove a self-driving car can safely do 150 MPH on the track.


Volvo 360-degree view seeks to see what you can’t

Volvo’s 360-degree view system purports to not only see danger you might not, but also see your way out of it. Iiiiinteresting.

LA Auto Show Design Challenge to look at human-to-machine interaction

This year’s theme for the LA Auto Show Design Challenge is of particular interest to our blog: exploring human-to-machine connectivity.

GM seeks trendy tech ideas in Innovation Challenge

The folks running GM’s Innovation Challenge are on the search for ways in which trendy technologies like augmented reality might improve car manufacturing.