Audi gets California’s first autonomous driving permit

California has new laws for testing of autonomous driving systems on public roads, and Audi has already been issued the first permit under those new laws.

Taxi Wars, Deutschland Edition: Uber ban lifted in Germany

This week, a court lifted a ban on Uber rideshare service in Germany despite protestations from Taxi Deutschland, a German taxi trade group that fought to keep Uber out of the country.

Ford offering Surveillance Mode to its police car competitors

Ford says it will offer its Surveillance Mode technology to competitors in the police vehicle industry — if they want it.

Ferocious Canine K900: Kia K900 is in the hunt for uber-luxury sedans

I’m telling ya, I had more interest in the Kia K900 than the Rolls-Royce Wraith. After years of lower-priced but good products like the Sportage, people are fascinated by the idea of a $66,000 Kia.

Real Wraith: We try world’s first satellite-aided transmission in Rolls-Royce Wraith

The satellite-aided transmission in the Rolls-Royce Wraith uses GPS and the nav system to predict the road ahead.” To be candid, the results are subtle.

Honda showcases autonomous lane-change, “virtual tow” tech

Honda is showing a couple of cool technologies at 2014 ITS World Congress in Detroit, MI, including automated lane change capabilities and “virtual tow.”

Cadillac models to get V2V, Super Cruise by 2017

General Motors says by 2017, Cadillac models will have vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication and the brand’s long-awaited Super Cruise setup.

WTF-SPORT, Hybrid Edition: Lexus GS 450h gets F-SPORT variant

We’ve tested a 2013 Lexus GS 450h and found it to be a veritable hot rod among hybrids, with tuning seemingly focused more on outright performance than on maximum fuel economy. To further that hi-po hybrid strategy, the Lexus GS 450h is getting an F-SPORT model.


2015 Honda Accord gets LaneWatch, HomeLink

The 2015 Honda Accord is just now hitting dealerships, and it’s bringing a couple of notable tech features in the form of LaneWatch and HomeLink.

Pilot Michael Goulian talks tech in Red Bull Air Race planes

You think your car is loaded with high-performance tech? It’s got nothing on the Edge 540 airplane flown by pilot Michael Goulian in the Red Bull Air Race series.

OnStar RemoteLink surpasses 1 million users

About four years after its birth, General Motors’ OnStar RemoteLink smartphone telematics and connectivity app has surpassed 1 million users.

Prepare yourselves: Volvo Sensus Connect is coming

The Swedes are saying every 2015.5 model gets Volvo Sensus Connect, Volvo On Call, and integration with the Volvo On-Call smartphone app.