Audi does the Emmy Awards. Again. Still.

Audi is supporting a number of Television Academy events celebrating the 66th Emmy Awards. Prepare to be bombarded by Audis during the Primetime Emmys.

Wanna know what is better than pounding 90s Rock? A pounding Rockford system.

  Just as I was enjoying my own Rockford marine speakers and can vouch for the quality, I got the heads-up on Rockford’s latest concert sponsorship.  A little 90s Rock action to not Sully the experience.  And that’d be Godsmack’s Sully. Rockford Fosgate announced it is once again the official audio sponsor of the Rockstar more »

Rogue wave: We test the new-for-2014 Nissan Rogue

Let’s say it now: We like the new exterior and improved technology of the redesigned-for-2014 Nissan Rogue, but there are things we’re not crazy about, too.

Goooooaaalllll! World Cup soccer, Brooklyn, and Audi A8 headlights

Now that is an expensive light fixture! On the shores of Greenpoint, Brooklyn is an odd sight: 28 Audi A8s in shipping containers with the front door off showing off their near-laser LED headlights.

Smartphone use skyrocketing among car shoppers

Usually we talk about smartphone integration within the vehicle, not while purchasing a vehicle! One thing is certain: Consumers are wising up to the typical pitfalls of predatory dealerships thanks to smartphones — and predatory dealerships are becoming a dying breed.

In a study through Placed, Inc. comissioned by, the company learned some cool takeaways. The study examined survey response and location data from more than 500 participants following visits to automotive dealerships, through the Placed smartphone app. Here are some of the findings:

Renault pit stop is just hilarious

This British Renault commercial is quite funny, emulating an F1 pit stop.


Mazda MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary Edition sells out in less than 10 minutes

If you’re secure enough in your manhood to be seen driving a Miata — and we, for the record, most definitely are — you probably wanted one. Welp, too late, Jimmy! Mazda says all 100 copies of the MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary Edition sold out within 10 minutes of their on-sale time.

The seven-year-old Lamborghini fan who got a birthday surprise…

Those that know me know I am a big child passenger safety advocate.  But in a few rare instances, the rules were made to be broken (for a short trip around the block, anyway).  Props to Lamborghini of North Los Angeles for making a little kid’s dreams come true…

Nissan’s Self Cleaning Car? I’m not so sure. An improvement, perhaps. But self cleaning?

I know it is mired in nano technology, but I just can’t fully buy into the idea of a self-cleaning car.

BREAKING: Lexus NX drops in NYC unexpectedly at surprise debut.

Just when you thought Lexus was going to leave all of the good stuff in China at the Beijing Auto Show, Lexus suprised show visitors today with the debut stateside of the Lexus NX.  Making NYC the official place for coming up with a small SUV!  I also like the idea of showing off the more »

NYIAS: Asimo steals show from new Fit, HR-V in New York lineup

I really like the new Fit and the new HR-V announced at New York International Auto Show, but those vehicles were upstaged by Honda’s walking robot, Asimo.

Subaru dealers, Labor Unions, and a good laugh

Labor unions are one of those polarizing topics that people are vehemently for or against.  I’m a bit more moderate.  Living in NYC and having a friend in the Local 40 Ironworker’s Union, I have seen their safety protocols and understand the dire need for their existence.  Lest their be an incident 67 stories in more »