A look at Rocket Bunny body kits after SEMA 2014

Looking at Rocket Bunny body kits after SEMA, I’d say some see them the same way some see Air Jordans: Style plays a huge role, but do they add performance?

Conan taking his swipe at Hyundai and Kia

VIDEO: Conan O’Brien pokes fun at the way Hyundai failed to deliver accurate MPG numbers.

An in-depth look at Mustang modding: EcoBoost vs GT

The gap between the Mustang Ecoboost and GT is about $7,000. That’s $7,000 in upgrades one could put into the EcoBoost — in my opinion, the better option.

Mitsubishi partners with The Color Run in Philly this weekend

At our HQ in Philadelphia, PA, The Color Run is getting some Mitsubishi love this weekend.

PSU Car Club to host a charity meet for THON

Showing off your tech-laden custom ride could help fund a cure for childhood cancers at the inaugural Penn State car show fundraiser for THON.


Tree, meet Nissan LEAF. Nissan LEAF, meet tree.

Whoa! Check out what happened to this poor, unsuspecting Nissan LEAF driver.

Clarion Builds: What is the best music to restore to? To install a system to? To drive to?

As part of the Clarion Builds project, Clarion partnered with Pandora for a custom channel designed to help you groove to while you work and then play.

Taxi Wars: SheRides Battle of the Sexes edition

She Rides is an app-based taxi service that purports to be more woman-friendly because the cabbies are women. Except, there are barely any women cabbies.

NYC cabbies gotta know what time it is, but this is ridiculous

Hublot’s special NYC Taxi edition King Power 692 Bang wristwatch is an uber-exclusive — and likely uber-expensive — way for cabbies to tell the time.

Follow a Dream racing team is truly inspirational

Jay Blake’s Follow a Dream Racing team is in a three-way tie for third place in the NHRA Eastern region. What makes that amazing? Jay is blind.

Audi does the Emmy Awards. Again. Still.

Audi is supporting a number of Television Academy events celebrating the 66th Emmy Awards. Prepare to be bombarded by Audis during the Primetime Emmys.

Wanna know what is better than pounding 90s Rock? A pounding Rockford system.

  Just as I was enjoying my own Rockford marine speakers and can vouch for the quality, I got the heads-up on Rockford’s latest concert sponsorship.  A little 90s Rock action to not Sully the experience.  And that’d be Godsmack’s Sully. Rockford Fosgate announced it is once again the official audio sponsor of the Rockstar more »