The Tesla P85D is VERY impressive

Whether the Tesla P85D is in Sport mode or Insane Mode is irrelevant, this thing hauls no matter what!


Lockheed Martin brings the frickin’ lasers!

You thought the Audi headlights with frickin’ LASER BEAMS were cool? Lockheed Martin has a real laser that can disable a car in an instant.

Mazda and iRacing collabo to bring cup cars to the screen

Mazdaspeed partnered with iRacing to create a realistic racing simulation of the next Mazda Miata cup car, and it is too cool.

Josh Carter’s bug eye WRX has a killer sound system

When asked what his favorite aspect of the sound system is, Josh said, “My favorite aspect right now is the fullness of the sound I have.” I agree.

Behind the wheel of Ubisoft’s racing game “The Crew”

Decision time: I get behind the wheel in Ubisoft’s arcade racing game, “The Crew” to decide once and for all if it hits all the right buttons for me.

A year-end thanks from your friends at Car Tech Tell

It’s been quite a year here at Car Tech Tell. We wanted to take a moment to thank each of you out there who has made it possible.

Saab gets stay of execution by court order

Those hellbent on transforming Saab into a new-age purveyor of Swedish-built, Asian-financed EVs now get a bit longer to reorganize their finances.

Audi gets steamy in film adaptation of “50 Shades of Grey”

Audi of America announced the brand will be featured in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which will be released to theaters February 13, 2015.

Infiniti wows LA Auto Show with SYNAPTIQ Concept

Infiniti’s concept “SYNAPTIQ” human machine interface is the future vision of how people will be connecting with their vehicles in the year 2029.


Yarr she blows: We get a taste of the Toyota Yaris SE

Testing the 2015 Toyota Yaris back-to-back with one of its prime competitors, the sales-leading Nissan Versa Note, has been an interesting experience.

Get that spot! Preparing for Black Friday parking beast mode

The parking bloodsport is fierce. Here are some tips to make sure you avoid confrontations that could land you in the pokey — or the hospital.

A look at Rocket Bunny body kits after SEMA 2014

Looking at Rocket Bunny body kits after SEMA, I’d say some see them the same way some see Air Jordans: Style plays a huge role, but do they add performance?