2017 Ford Raptor Swoops will be a high tech marvel

The Ford Raptor is an extension of the automaker’s main F-150 line, but designed for dedicated off-road users — plus it gets extra tech upgrades for 2017.

When you gotta replace your bulbs, go to Hella

There are few aftermarket products that we can give a ringing endorsement for. I like the quality behind Hella lighting — especially the new HD 2.0 lights.

Ford Mustang Customizer gets reboot

If you, like me, spent far too much time on the old Ford Mustang Customizer site, Ford’s got good news for you: The Customizer is getting an update.

Infiniti Vision GT shown next to real-life counterpart

The Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo was among those crazy Vision Gran Turismo design exercises several automakers undertook. Only Infiniti built one for real.


No rules, just right: Driving the 2015 Subaru Outback Limited

When you first jump into the all new 2015 Subaru Outback limited, you wonder why Americans have typically shunned tall wagons with AWD for SUVs.

Greener or meaner? ACEEE chimes in

ACEEE ranks vehicles each year based on their green credentials. See the vehicles ranked as “greenest” and those ranked “meanest” in this year’s standings:

My first impressions of the Volvo V60 Cross Country

Contrary to the image some stuck-in-the-past people may have at the name “Volvo,” the Volvo V60 Cross Country really is a sexy vehicle.

Grimey from the garage? Dispense Fast Orange hand cleaner like a rockstar!

Fast Orange hand cleaner now comes in a bottle with a rocker cap that can be used one-handed, according to Fast Orange maker Permatex.


Ingenium diesel engine bows in Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport can now be ordered with an Ingenium diesel engine Land Rover says brings more power, refinement, and efficiency to the model.


Temperature may be essential for long-term CVT ownership

The CVT was the only part of buying two Nissan cubes that gave me pause. They fail, often with little warning. How, then, can one extend CVT lifespan?

Honda unveils Super Speedway aero kit to debut at Indy

Looking for its 11th Indianapolis 500 victory since 2004, Honda Super Speedway aero kit debuted ahead of the big Indy race. The word of the day is “sleek.”

#BlackYeah: Chevy Impala Midnight Edition coming

Reason to dust off the #BlackYeah hash tag once again: The Chevy Impala Midnight Edition is set to bring a new level of darkness to the bowtie’s big sedan.