As Harman does Tata, so might Land Rover and Jaguar?

Recently Tata motors named Harman “Supplier of the Year” for its Indian market vehicles. So might we see more Harman in Jaguar and Land Rover? Perhaps.

Of the Google car and seating position

Without a steering wheel, passengers in the Google autonomous car could — and probably should — ride backwards.

HFE model brings Ram EcoDiesel MPG to 29

Ram Trucks made like Chef Emeril Lagasse recently by “kickin’ it up a notch” with a new Ram EcoDiesel HFE model said to get 29 MPG highway.

Pandora for iOS, TripAdvisor, Twitter come to NissanConnect

Drivers of Nissans with NissanConnect Mobile Apps are getting three new app integrations: Pandora for iOS, TripAdvisor, and Twitter.

Travelin’ with your devices? Get help from Pangea Audio.

You know what sucks about going on a road trip with all of your devices? Remembering the cords for all of those devices. Pangea Audio to the rescue!


Pono going into new Lincoln Continental?

Did Neil Young inadvertently spill the beans not just about a new Lincoln Continental — because, OMG — but also about his Pono music player being in it?

Honda details FCV, turbo VTEC plans at NAIAS

Honda will build a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) of its own, and VTEC engines are gonna get boosted, yo. So said Honda at North American International Auto Show.

Continuing our evaluation of the aftermarket for the Chevy SS

After seeing performance packages Hennessey offers for the Chevy SS, I was curious to see what other aftermarket options were available for Chevy SS owners.

Car seat alert sensors showcased at CES

Intel and Voxx Electronics are trying to remedy the problem that killed 37 children last year who were accidentally left in car seats in sweltering vehicles.

Coke with no gas? The Atlanta model of EV efficiency

In a recent story in Bloomberg, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn talks about what is happening with EVs in Atlanta.

Wait, Atlanta?

Fear Not, Tesla Roadster Owners…your upgrade is coming!

Would you give up on the Lotus underpinnings of the Tesla Roadster as it ages? No, you’d just upgrade the drivetrain and aerodynamics, as Tesla is doing.

Fiat 500X Infotainment probably gives taste of Renegade’s

Fiat Chrysler of America has dropped the word on the infotainment in the Fiat 500X, which should be quite similar to the Jeep Renegade we’re all hot about.