AAMP aftermarket technologies to help you drive safe

At CES, AAMP of America launched a new marketing and public information campaign called Drive Safe, Drive Connected.

Volvo says it can integrate autonomous cars into real traffic

Think autonomous cars are a pipe dream? Volvo says it has the tech to put autonomous cars into existing traffic with ordinary people in the driver’s seat.


cubist movement: Nissan cube is not the techiest car, but it was the right car for us. Twice.

Compared to many cars I drive as part of my job, the Nissan cube is not a tech-head’s dream. But it fits my family so well, we bought it twice. Here’s why:

2015 Ford F-150 reportedly Snowmageddon-ready

Given the snow we’ve seen in Tennessee this week, I’d readily take a press loan in the form of the Snowmageddon-ready 2015 Ford F-150 with snow plow.

Chevrolet develops aero package for new Indy racers

Chevrolet will not only build powerplants for Indy race cars, but also supply an all-new aerodynamics package for the 2015 Verizon IndyCar series’ race cars.

Chevy claims the New Colorado will get you more pu**y

And now that I have your attention, yes, Chevrolet went there with a recent ad for the new Colorado.

Forget the new Volt — how about the Chevy Bolt?!?

The Chevy Bolt boasts a range of 200 miles. But is there more to it, or is it just a Sonic with no engine and a big-ass battery pack in its place?

New Audi R8 to get frickin’ LASER HEADLIGHTS

The new Audi R8 will get cool headlights — laser headlights, to be precise — but only in Europe. Dammit.


GM battery czar has no interest in Tesla patents

GM Director of Global Battery Systems Bill Wallace reportedly said the automaker behind the Chevy Volt is not interested in Tesla Motors’ open patents.

Boost + Subaru BRZ = better than a supercar?

How does a turbocharged GT86 — the Subaru BRZ’s Toyota twin — stack up against the likes of a McLaren and Ferrari? Better than you’d probably expect.

McLaren, JVC-Kenwood bring the future of your dash to CES

A McLaren representative told us recently very cool things were going to be happening in the dashboard. “Watch this space.” JVC-Kenwood shows what he meant.

This Saab 9-6SS custom race car is quite the head-turner

Combining old school and new school for one sweet Swedish racecar, you’ll definitely want to check out this one-of-a-kind Saab 9-6SS!