Officially official: Elio Motors going public

We saw the Elio Motors three-wheeled car at NYIAS just days before the company announced its intention to offer the public a chance to invest in the company

Brown, blue interiors come to Chrysler 200

Car interiors have been some combo of gray, tan, or black for too long. Thankfully, the Chrysler 200 is bringing brown and blue interior options for 2015.

VIDEO: Nissan AroundView Monitor goes deep sea exploring

Nissan’s AroundView Monitor has spoiled us in the past, and has been copied by a number of manufacturers. But how would one use it to explore the deep sea?

Ford expands SYNC AppLink reach to 3M more vehicles

Ford said it recently enabled three million owners of 2010 to 2013 vehicles with first-generation Ford SYNC infotainment to download AppLink to their cars.

China gets a limo’d Volvo XC90. Actually, we all do.

China loved Volvo enough that a Chinese company saved the brand. Fitting, then, that they get this superluxe Volvo XC90 at the Shanghai Auto Show.

You can take GMC Canyon for a virtual test drive

Wanting to drive a GMC Canyon? You can take it on a virtual test drive via GMC’s “Canyon Experience” website.

Chevy Silverado HDs get the slick, monochrome look

The Chevy Silverado HD is getting a slick new package that gives it an uptown, monochrome look sure to appeal to the Cowboy Cadillac wannabe in many.

Yard tech: Of poorly designed push mower handles

Mowers: “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” — especially push mowers. Here’s how I fixed a crummy push mower handle design on the cheap:

NYIAS: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club debuts

New York International Auto Show was where Mazda unveiled the most track-ready version of the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata civilians will likely be able to buy.

Behind the wheel of a BlueIndy electric rental car

We test drive the BlueIndy electric cars that will be available for rental in Indianapolis in June to find out whether they’re a good deal.

MINI Augmented Vision is BMW’s Google Glass

MINI Augmented Vision looks like old-school pilot goggles but performs very much like a BMW-flavored Google Glass with improved car connectivity.

UMTRI study: Motion sickness overlooked in autonomous cars

A UMTRI study found some people would watch the road in an autonomous car, but others would not — and that could lead to an epidemic of motion sickness.