Vudu Arrives on Xbox 360, WD Devices

The Vudu movie service landed on two new hardware platforms this week, with the announcement that it will now be carried on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Western Digital's WD TV media players.

Book Review: “Steve Jobs,” by Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson's definitive, authorized biography of Steve Jobs was published earlier this fall and quickly became one of the most popular books of the year. The book is a balanced, uncompromising and very entertaining look at Jobs' life and career, and Isaacson did an excellent job honestly and compellingly telling Jobs' story.

Google Plus Adding Features

So after making a mark in the social networking scene and disrupting Facebook’s dominance, Google’s social networking service Google+ lives on. After several months of feature improvements here and bug fixing there, Google+ struggles to steal Facebook’s thunder.

Gamertell Tabletop Holiday Gift Guide

Buying a computer game as a surprise for someone else is a snap: Find something with top reviews, plunk down $50 and you’re set. Granted, “find something good and give it” works in theory but, when it comes to buying for tabletop gamers, there’s a hidden risk: You might have to actually play the game.

Coming Soon: “Wearable” Gadgets From Apple, Google

On the New York Times Bits Blog, Nick Bilton suggests that both Apple and Google are engaged in (separate) projects to turn smartphones into more wearable devices. Apple has already been wearable in some respects—you could clip the iPod Shuffle to your clothing, or attach the iPod Nano to a wrist strap to make it impersonate an oversized watch.

Some Transformer Prime Preorders Delayed

A short while back Asus confirmed that the Transformer Prime was going to begin shipping during the week of December 19th. And well, now that this week is upon us—it looks like there still may be some delays after all. Reports are beginning to surface from customers who placed a pre-order by way of Amazon and Best Buy—and some of those reports are telling us that a delivery is not going to be coming this week.

Appletell Review: Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones

The JayBird Freedom Bluetooth headphones are among the best looking wireless headphones made for working out. They look similar to two Bluetooth headsets connected with, well, a wire. Thankfully, the earpieces are smaller than a standard Bluetooth headset, so you won’t get any funny looks.

Tabloid Added to iOS Facebook App

We have recently seen Facebook open up Timeline for everyone on the web as well as on Android mobile devices. And well, it looks like it has also arrived for iOS. Well, more specifically—Mobile Timeline is now available for the iPhone. The support comes by way of the recently updated iOS Facebook app, which notes that Mobile Timeline has officially arrived for the iPhone and is “coming soon” for the iPad.

Isaacson Will Update Jobs Book

Walter Isaacson, speaking at an event hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California on Dec 14th, revealed plans for an update of his biography of Steve Jobs. Isaacson shared with the crowd that he plans to revise his book to incorporate the numerous anecdotes about the two years he spent talking to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Appletell Review: Piano Apprentice for iPad, iPhone, iPod

Ion Audio claims that with their Piano Apprentice 25-note lighted keyboard and accompanying iOS app, you can “learn to play piano anywhere.” Physically, this is true. The keyboard itself is compact and light, and easily transportable. In practice, though, it’s not quite that simple.

How to Show Your iOS Battery Percentage

dds are good that your iPad or iPhone battery will last for a pretty long time…provided you’re not using the iPhone 4S, of course. But if you are going on the road, or if you just don’t charge on a regular basis, then having the battery percentage on hand can be important for you.

iPhone Commercial Gives Siri to Santa

Apple has released a new 30-second TV commercial for the holiday seen in which no less figure than St. Nick himself endorses the product.